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Posted by adairsawyer on September 5th, 2011

There are a thousand and one things to accomplish before you can march down the aisle for your Maryland wedding. And we are not just talking about the challenges in choosing dc wedding venues that will fit the wedding’s theme, budget and the personality of the couple. It turns out that with all the choices you and decision you have to make, planning for a wedding should be done six months or even a year away from the chosen date.

Have you checked out and decided on the following Maryland wedding must-haves six months before you walk down the aisle?

Marriage license

Your time might have been spent checking out all the dc wedding venues that you have forgotten the most important requirement for a wedding and tha5t’s your wedding license. All counties in Maryland require a wedding license and before you can get that piece of paper, you have to make sure you and your psr4tner are both 18 years old or over. If not, then you can still get a license but you need parental consent. You need to wait two days to get your marriage license which is valid for the next six months so you can schedule your wedding date within that period. The license is valid only in the country where the couple has registered.

Ceremony and reception music

While the music for your Maryland wedding will most likely depend on the selection of the chapel, church or parish where you are going to take your wedding vows, you can request the singing of some special songs for the offertory, the processional and right after the wedding. The challenge will be in choosing songs for the dc wedding venues you have chosen. Aside from making sure that the venue has the appropriate sound system, you also have to consider the music inclinations of both the bride who might be into rock and roll and the groom who might be into country music. There is however no restrictions as to combining different music genres during your reception for as long as you keep everyone happy and keep the couple from embarrassment.

Budget and finances

Set a budget for your Maryland wedding depending on your financial capacity but make sure you do not stage a grand wedding and start your married life like a pauper later on. There is really no hard and fast rule when it comes to finances but it will al depend on the region where you intend to get married, your choice of dc wedding venues, and even the type of wedding ceremony and reception you intend to have. Among the major wedding expenses are those spent for food, venue and clothing.

Catering and food selection

You may have staged the most magical Maryland wedding but your guests will most probably remember the food served by any of the dc wedding venues you have chosen.  The catering at the reception sometimes turn out to be the focal point of the wedding reception itself as people eat while enjoying the rituals including the couple’s first dance, speeches and throwing of the bouquet.

Planning your Maryland wedding should not be focused on dc wedding venues alone. Just like the typical dish, there are many ingredients that will make your wedding special including flowers and music which will help create the desired ambience.

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