Valuable Lessons Your Children Can Learn From Fairy Tales

Posted by BiancaZ on November 7th, 2017

Fairy tales have been around since the beginning of time. Even now we have films, novels and television series that play off the legends we have come to know and love. Have you ever considered, however, that your children can learn some valuable life lessons from these tales? The next time you decide to put down Cinderella in favour of a modern day story, perhaps you’ll think again.

  1. Always be suspicious of talking animals – particularly those with claws and fangs
    Yes, we know, animals can’t really talk. Many tales are, however, best viewed through more of a symbolic lens – particularly ones like Little Red Riding Hood. Whilst we don’t expect our children to come face to face with a talking wolf, the message is clear – there are predators out there and we may not always recognise them as such.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
    These days, it seems that we’re overly concerned with pushing the virtues of solving our own problems. Whilst that’s all good and well, it’s important that our children know it’s okay to realise that they can’t fix everything. That it’s okay to ask someone else for help and to let them save the day – it’ll make them feel useful, too!
  3. It’s fine to sacrifice everything for love – just ensure that the feeling is mutual
    Although we’re familiar with the more modern retellings of many fairy tales books, the originals don’t always have the same happily-ever-after. So, before you get all carried away and drop everything for someone you think you love, ask yourself whether you’d be willing to turn into sea foam for them (a la Ariel in The Little Mermaid).
  4. Parents don’t always make the best decisions
    This might not be the sort of lesson you want your children to learn, but ensuring that they know you are human and will sometimes make mistakes is beneficial. Parents are rarely shown in a good light in fairy tales (unless they’re dead) and the mistakes they make are often extreme (from abandonment to banishment), but the message is the same.
  5. Actions speak louder than words – sometimes is best not to say anything at all
    These days, we live in a fairly verbose culture – everyone is always talking. Everyone has a belief, or a theory or “the answer”. These tales, however, are all about the action. This shows us that sometimes we need to hold the talk and just show how we feel – like the prince who makes a big romantic gesture to win the heart of the princess.
  6. Befriend someone who’s a little different to you
    Whilst it’s natural to be drawn to others who are like us – and that’s perfectly fine – you should make the effort to befriend people who are different from yourself too (such as culture, race and religion). You may not agree with everything they believe and you may not understand each other all the time, but you will learn to appreciate these things.

As you can see, fairy tales can teach our children a variety of valuable lessons that other more modern stories simply can’t. From being on the lookout for predators in disguise to actions speaking louder than words, there are plenty of ways that your kids will benefit. So why not pick up some new tales to share with them, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or Sleeping Beauty?

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