The reason of crack mesh high alumina brick

Posted by annesheldon on November 8th, 2017

Changxing refractory shows the reasons for the high alumina bricks to produce reticular cracks. It is reported that high alumina bricks often appear on the surface of the crack is the production of high alumina brick defects, the reasons for this network cracks often quite complicated. For example, the clinker content (especially R2O content), the amount of fine powder added, the critical particle size, the mixing quality of the clay, the humidity and the temperature of the green body, the shrinkage of the green body during the firing, Mulli petrochemical reaction and corundum recrystallization, etc., will lead to the surface of the refractory product produced reticulate. The sintering of high alumina brick is liquid phase sintering, the formation temperature of liquid phase and the amount of liquid phase, the firing conditions of the atmosphere is also an important factor in the surface network cracks.

The sintering degree and firing atmosphere of high alumina bricks and the volatiles present in the gas phase have a great influence on the surface crack of high aluminum products. Sintered bad clinker in the process of burning products continue to shrink, causing the product cracking and crack; at the same time sintering bad clinker, the second Mulli Petrochemical is not sufficient, in the process of burning products, clinker itself Mullerite is still continuing, which is caused by inconsistencies in the product of an internal factor, resulting in the number of products increased the number of cracks and the increase in the degree of cracking.

High-aluminum refractory products on the surface of the degree of mesh cracking with the clinker used in the water absorption is closely related. The greater the water absorption of clinker, the greater the degree of reticulation. When the clinker with the water absorption rate, the product in the firing process clinker itself to continue to complete the sintering process, products shrink larger, and uneven, and thus prone to cracking and reticulation. In addition, the firing atmosphere of the kiln is one of the causes of the network cracks in the high aluminum products. When the high aluminum products are fired, the atmosphere of the kilns is weakly oxidized and the excess air coefficient is controlled at 1.1-1.2. The practice shows that the surface cracks Excess air coefficient increases and decreases, but the excess coefficient of air fluctuations should not be too large.

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