Insulation refractory materials for aluminum electrolytic furnace and tank const

Posted by ruizhi refractory on November 8th, 2017

Aluminum electrolysis furnace, tank construction furnace insulation refractory materials mainly include the following three:

(A) diatomite thermal insulation material

Diatomaceous earth is the algae organic matter after corruption, the formation of the crustal changes. The main component of diatomite is amorphous silicon dioxide is generally between 70% and 85%) and a small amount of clay impurities, the melting temperature in the range of 1000 ℃ to 1200 ℃. Diatomaceous earth is composed of fine stomatal organization, its porosity up to 85%, so it has good thermal insulation properties, is widely used as a thermal insulation material.

1, diatomite asbestos powder (chicken feather ash), diatomite asbestos powder is a powder insulation material, made of asbestos fibers and diatomaceous earth powder; which accounted for 85% of diatomite powder, fiber 2-5 mm Asbestos accounted for 14%, 5 ~ 20 mm of asbestos accounted for l%, it is used to masonry Insulating refractory brick wiping surface.

2, light diatom brick, light diatomite brick is made of diatomite and additives by molding, drying, at 850 ℃ a 900 ℃ firing. Diatomite refractory brick suppliers bulk density, porosity, heat resistance at 1280 ℃ above, therefore, light diatomite brick can only be used in the insulation below 900 ℃, can not directly contact the flame. In case of high temperature, it will produce shrinkage, or even melt.

(B) asbestos (insulation materials)

Asbestos is the only natural mineral fiber that can be loosened into elastic fibers. According to the different natural conditions at the time of creation, the asbestos and amphibole asbestos can be divided into two categories, the most widely used asbestos asbestos, also known as chrysotile, its chemical formula is 3MgO · 2SiO2 · 2H2O. Asbestos The board is made of 65% asbestos and 35% bonded material and is used primarily as a liner or insulation for equipment. Loss on asbestos board should not exceed 18%, longitudinal tensile strength should not be less than 1.4MPa. Asbestos board structure and thickness must be uniform, smooth surface, consistent cross-section, no scarring, pores and cracks. Asbestos board general specifications for the 1000 × 1000mm (thickness from 1.6 to 16mm), the weight of each 1mm thickness, weighing about 1.3kg / m2. The maximum temperature does not exceed 500 ℃.

(C) Calcium silicate insulation refractory products

Calcium silicate insulation refractory products is a calcium silicate hydrate as the main component of the insulation material. Industry is based on lime, silicic acid as raw material, autoclaved in the autoclave synthetic hydrated calcium silicate, and then appropriate to add asbestos and other fibrous materials, the pressure after the formation of the porous structure of the insulation products. calcium silicate insulation products provides the technical conditions of calcium silicate insulation products.

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