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Posted by Black Hills Leather on November 8th, 2017

The demand of a high-quality gun leather holster is high in the market. There are many manufacturers who deal in leather gun holster. If you are investing in pure leather holster, then it is important to know how to maintain it for durability.

 The cleaning and upkeep of gun leather holsters can be divided into 2 main sections; the Basic Cleaning and the Intensive Cleaning.

Basic or regular Cleaning of leather holsters can be performed by:-

  • Wiping or rubbing off with a rag dust and debris and making use of leather soap which is specifically manufactured for the type of leather your holster is made of for getting rid of persistent debris or stains.
  • Apply leather soap on a dampened rag, work the soap into the rag, and rub the rag into the leather area you wish to clean. Use another dampen rag to wipe away the soap and dry rag to wipe away left-out moisture or water. Then just let the leather holster air dry.
  • You can condition the leather either through specific leather conditioning oils or a small amount of olive oil.

Things Not To Do while Basic cleaning of gun holsters:-

  • Avoid rinsing your holster with water since holster absorbs water and will get ruined. Always dab the area which needs to be clean and wipe away soap very gently.
  • Too much use of leather conditioning products or olive oil can make holster sticky.

Intensive Cleaning or In-depth conditioning of gun leather holsters can be performed by:-

  • Specially formulated leather soaps like saddle soaps and water are recommended as the first step of in-depth cleaning of holsters.
  • Saddle soap does not harm holsters and belts since their process of manufacturing is different from leather seats.
  • Vegetable tanning process used in the manufacturing of holster and saddle leather make these kinds of products more tolerant to the extreme outdoor environment than chemical tanning process used in upholstery to give them luxurious and soft feel. The saddle soap does not break the compound down in a belt and holster leather due to their robust nature.

Things Not To Do while Intensive cleaning of gun holsters:-

  • Do not use upholstery cleaner in your holster cleaning. It will make it soft and that will be a major concern while carrying a striker fired pistol.
  • Make use of exotic care products in case your belt or holster is made of alligator/snake skin leather.
  • Do not store your firearm for longer duration in a holster as oils and various lubricants of your firearm can deteriorate the quality of the leather.

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