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Posted by williamriddle on September 5th, 2011

The golf shirt available in the market today comes with a roomier chest, an extended shirt tail, bigger arm holes and larger sleeves that go down to the elbow. Such oversized features permit freedom when it comes to motion especially during your swing. There are plenty of high quality golf shirt brands to choose from such as Nike, Callaway, Adidas, Cutter & Buck, Ashworth and many more. You should avoid any golf shirt that is made with 100% cotton as this type of shirt gets damp from rain or perspiration which tends to restrict your swing. If you have a tendency to sweat a lot, then it is advisable to use 100% polyester golf shirts such as the Nike polo which uses a drifit material that will help you stay cool on those hot and humid days on the golf course. Since this material has moisture wicking technology, it pulls away perspiration from your skin making sure that you stay cool and dry. As an extra bonus, it also has anti-microbial properties that helps reduce body odor. In order to provide even more comfort in the golf shirt some manufacturers like Izod and Adidas heat screen their labels into the neck so that there are no tags making the wear even more comfortable. There is no use trying to cut off the tags as it makes the situation even worse and taping it down brings you back to the same problem once the tape falls off. With the new tagless label, this kind of problem is eliminated forever. The modern kind of materials that go in the making of the Nike polo make sure that the shape of the garment is maintained as well as the comfort level. This technology delivers an ultra-lightweight feel and superior performance all day long. Also as an added benefit, these golf shirts will not get faded by the harsh UV rays of the sun like their heavy cotton counterparts. The original classic fit Nike polo is kind of smaller when it comes to the sleeves and the chest. The arm holes are smaller and the sleeves extend about halfway down to the bicep. This type of fit is more modern and becoming increasingly popular on the course. Hence it would be a better idea to stick to a golf shirt while playing a game of golf if you are looking for that extra comfort. There is plenty of choice when it comes to the golf shirt and whether you are looking for a Nike polo or not you can select from Nike Golf Shirts, Callaway Golf Shirts, Adidas Golf Shirts, Ashworth Gold Shirts, Travis Mathew Golf Shirts and many more. So hurry up! If you are looking for the perfect golf shirt, take a look at the Nike polo and lots more available right here!

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