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Posted by AngeloEverton on September 6th, 2011

When you look at it, Canada is no different from the USA. Both the countries are among the most developed in the world. In fact, there are many areas where Canada scores more than the USA, quality of life being one example. Any drug company that has its base in the USA also operates in Canada. What creates a huge difference is the cost of the medicines. This is where Canada completely overrides the USA. The cost is really low there. This is the reason so many Americans prefer to buy their medicines from Canadian pharmacy websites rather than in the USA. Any professional Canada pharmacy now has a substantial customer base from the USA.

What is the cost advantage that you get when you use Canadian pharmacy websites? For most of the medicines, the cost advantage is 40 to 50%. This means you only pay $40 or $50 to a Canada pharmacy for a medicine that costs $100 in the USA. There are some medicines where a $100 costs only $20 in Canada. There are just about a handful of medicines that cost the same in both the countries. But when you look at cost benefit, you can consider more than 90% of all medicines that are there.

How do the Canadian pharmacy websites offer you such low prices? Although it is not for you to bother about, the fact is that the cost of medicines in Canada is much lower than that in the USA. It may be due to the tax that the Canadian government imposes on the Canada pharmacy industry or it could be some other policy. Compare the cost of some of the most common medicines and you will find that the cost in Canada is much lower.

Is there any compromise on the quality of the medicines offered by Canadian pharmacy websites? No chance because Canada is as advanced as the USA and its citizens enjoy the same consumer rights as those in the USA. Any professional Canada pharmacy is governed by Health Canada. Provincial pharma regulators also take part in additional monitoring for added measure. So, when you order your medicines from Canada you need not worry about the quality.

Is there a chance that you will be prosecuted by the FDA because you are ordering your medicines from abroad? We must tell you that the FDA does its best to ensure that Americans use American pharmacies for ordering their medicines. However, the FDA has, till date, not prosecuted anyone that has ordered medicines from Canadian pharmacy websites. It is possible that your medicine shipment from a Canada pharmacy may get delayed due to extensive checking by the FDA but you can rest assured that there are no legal hassles here.

Think no more and save money by ordering medicines from Canadian pharmacy websites. Get the best quality medicines from a professional Canada pharmacy and that too at an amazing cost saving. This advantage is here for you to take and you should go ahead immediately.

You can be sure of the quality of the medicines when you order them from a Canadian pharmacy website. You, moreover, also get to save a lot of money by ordering from a Canada pharmacy online.

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