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Summary: If you are planning to purchase contact lenses then it is highly important to know about the different materials of the lenses and their advantages as well as drawbacks.

Are you tired of getting embarrassed by the steamed up glasses of your spectacles when you enter a warmer place? Reflections and distortions are the constant parts of wearing spectacles. You can get rid of these easily breakable glasses by replacing them with contact lenses. They are the popular option among all age groups in the contemporary world and the eyeglasses as well as surgeries have taken backseat. The comfort they provide in all types of weathers, competency in workout session, safe to wear feature are some of the advantageous features that contribute to their rising popularity. If you are a user of contact lenses or planning to shift to them then you must enquire about the materials of lenses that you are buying as different materials are suitable for various needs. So, here is the information about their types, uses and designs:

PMMA lenses:

They are made up of rigid plastic material which is known as polymethyl methacrylate. They do not transmit oxygen to the eye which makes them hard to adapt to. The inconveniency that they provide has given them a popular name, “hard contacts”. They were replaced by gas permeable lenses and they are rarely prescribed today.

Gas permeable lenses:

They look and feel like PMMA lenses but replaced them because they allowed the passing of oxygen into your eyes. They have sharper optics than other soft contact lenses because this Contact lens design is made by rigid material

Soft lenses:

They are the very first type of contact lenses which are developed with gel-like plastic containing water and are known as hydro-gels. They are highly popular as they are easy to adapt to as well as convenient to wear.

Silicone hydro-gel lenses

These lenses were introduced after soft lenses and are more porous than them. The improvement in Contact lens manufacturing introduced better features in them that allowed more oxygen to reach the cornea. The supreme comfort that they provide is commendable. This is why after soft lenses, now they have taken the place of the most popular lenses.

Hybrid contact lenses

They are a combination of rigid nature of gas permeable lenses and comfort of soft lenses. This helps them to provide crystal-clear view. These lenses are highly advantageous but still they are not much popular. It is because they are more expensive as well as difficult to fit or replace than their counter parts.

Now, you know about the lenses developed with different materials, so it would be easy for you to select the perfect lenses to satisfy your needs. Talk to this highly reputed Contact lens supplier about your needs clearly and buy the most suitable lenses for your eyes. They have everything to comfort your eyes.

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