Silver Recovery: A Way To Save Our Natural Resources

Posted by juliabennet on September 6th, 2011

Silver is a naturally occurring resource. It is a precious metal that is not man made but is naturally available under the ground. Once all the supply of silver is exhausted there is no way of getting it back. Hence, it is imperative that we use silver judiciously and also ensure silver recovery from used substances whenever possible. Silver is used for several purposes both practical and ornamental. Apart from being used in ornaments and utensils, one of the more practical uses of silver is in x-ray films.

With the advent of modern technology x-ray films are no longer relegated to only medicinal use. These are also used in other industrial and even nuclear fields. Having said that, the amount of x-ray films being used for medicinal purposes still, is nothing to be scoffed at. Such an extensive usage of x-ray films has made x-ray recycling a must. X-ray recycling is a phenomenon which helps us in effectively dealing with old and used as well as new unexposed x-ray films. Silver recovery is another important outcome of the x-ray recycling process.

Dumping use x-ray films into landfills might be the easy way of discarding them, however it is by no means the most effective way. Such films pose a serious threat to our environment. X-ray films have plastics in them which do not decompose over time, instead they emit gases that are very harmful in nature. If this is not incentive enough for opting for x-ray recycling then consider this that by dumping an x-ray film you are allowing the silver in it to just go waste. Silver recovery can be done from these x-ray films.

Silver recovery is possible by washing the x-ray films with some chemicals. These segregate the silver from the rest of the film, plastic is also separated. This plastic is also recycled and reused as a part of the x-ray recycling process. The silver recovered is pure enough to be used in ornaments, utensils and for adding to your collection of precious metals. X-ray film recycling if done in an eco-friendly manner is very beneficial. There are reputed firms that are registered in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which provide x-ray recycling facilities.

Using the services of silver recovery and x-ray recycling firms is a painless task. All you need to do is call them on their toll free number or better still just fill an online form. The x-ray film is picked up personally by these firms from anywhere in the U.S. They then provide a check worth the silver content in the x-ray film to the film owner. An HIPAA approved destruction certificate is also provided which guarantees 100% destruction of the film.

Silver recovery through x-ray recycling is a very effective way of protecting the depleting resources of silver. Care should be taken to use the services of a reputed firm which is registered by the EPA as inefficient x-ray recycling can pose a health hazard.

B.W. Recycling, Inc is a reputed EPA registered firm that provides x-ray recycling services. Silver recovery through this process is extremely pure and a check for the same is provided to the owner right at the time of pick up.

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