Keep your basement dry and clean with interior basement waterproofing systems

Posted by gabrielfulton on November 9th, 2017

The usability of the basement of your house will not only depend on how well it is designed for any specific purpose but also how well it is being maintained. You or your family members will love to spend time there only if the basement is well lit, properly ventilated and safe. Interior basement waterproofing systems and basement windows serve exactly these purposes.

Anyone would like to spend their savings to build the dream home by using best quality construction material, fancy furniture and gadgets and a design that would emphasise on the best possible use of the land available and the space within the home. Basement is an area of the house that often gets overlooked and is only used as storage area for things that are not in regular use or are rarely used. Basements can also be better used if you decide to convert it to a kids play area, an office or your home gym. But it is important to understand that you should give equal importance on the aesthetic, safety and the condition of the basement like any other parts of your house. Rather to be more specific, you should be extra careful in this regard as the basement is the foundation of the structure, and safety of the whole structure will depend on how strong and well-maintained the basement is.

As basement of a house is below ground level, so the walls and the floor is in direct contact with the soil. If the soil is wet and or moist, the hydrostatic pressure will force water in the soil to penetrate through the cracks, joints and edges. It may be difficult for any homeowner to identify seepage at early stage but you should not ignore it once identified as this may cause bowed walls and serious structural damage.

There are two ways you can waterproof your basement – interior and exterior. In exterior waterproofing the soil in surrounding area of the building is excavated and waterproof coat is applied on the walls. In case of interior basement waterproofing systems, perforated drain pipes are placed below the slab that is connected to a sump pit. A dimpled plastic which looks similar to egg crate is placed at the slab edge and base of the wall so that the water is collected and channelized through the drain pipes. A sump pump is installed at the pit that pumps out the accumulated water outside the building.

Interior basement waterproofing systems are usually cost effective and easier to maintain. You should also install basement windows that will allow natural light to the basement. Otherwise the area will be dark and you will have to rely on artificial lights during the entire day. Windows also allow air to get in and keep the basement well ventilated and free from any foul smell. They can also be used as emergency exits in case of accidents like fire breaking out in the basement. Please make sure not to compromise with the quality of these windows as intruders can get access to your basement through these. Hence, use only the best quality to protect your family and the valuables.

Interior basement waterproofing systems are cost effective. When you take up such projects install basement windows to make the place more functional.

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