Features of best exterior foundation waterproofing systems

Posted by Gabriel Fulton on November 9th, 2017

Basement or foundation waterproofing is important for keeping your home’s structural integrity intact. The best exterior foundation waterproofing systems give you solutions that take care of any damage to exterior foundation walls. Basement waterproofing also require sump pump backup to be in place. Installing a new sump pump or repairing or servicing your existing sump pump, all of these are offered by a qualified and experienced basement repair service provider.

Why do you need sump pump backup?
Sump pumps are central to creating a solid waterproofing system for your basement, thereby protecting the foundation. If you wish to keep water away from the basement or the crawl space then you need to install a sump pump. In case you already have a sump pump then maintaining a serviceable backup is essential. It needs to be tested and inspected at regular intervals. The primary and battery backup systems need to be cleaned and tested. The cost of installing a sump pump may seem to be on the higher side but it’s a one-time purchase. So, investing in a good quality sump pump will be viable.

Exterior foundation waterproofing
Given the choice, a sump pump system is the best way to keep your basement dry. However, if there are structural damages to the exterior foundation walls or you wish to renew the waterproofing system, then it will be a time consuming process. On the positive side, engineers will be able to check for holes or cracks and take the necessary steps to ensure that you receive the best exterior foundation waterproofing systems. After excavating the exterior foundation walls with earth moving equipment, a waterproofing treatment is done. A membrane is pasted on the walls that is responsible for preventing most of the water seepage. In case you are unable to install a waterproofing system internally through the basement, it can be done externally with the help of certified professionals.

Grade tiles are used as replacement weeping tiles after which gravel layer is installed. Air gap membrane is also installed in order to protect the coated foundation and damp-proof it. The entire process of exterior foundation waterproofing may take a long time. You can discuss the costs and other requirements with your service provider for a detailed report. Certified contractors can take care of any issues related to foundation waterproofing. To ensure complete waterproofing a sump pump system is essential. It will pump out the collected water. Usually a contractor or a service provider will be equipped to handle both residential and commercial basement and foundation waterproofing.

The best exterior foundation waterproofing systems protect your foundation and basement from the damaging effects of seeping water or soil pressure thus preventing cracks or bulging walls. Installing new sump pumps or creating sump pump backup can also be part of the services provided by your contractor. There are different types of sump pumps. You can trust your service provider to install the one that satisfies the structure’s requirement and stays within your budget. Whether the property is under construction or you need the work to be done on existing structure, take advantage of the benefits of maintaining a complete waterproofing system.

Getting best exterior foundation waterproofing systems along with sump pump backup fulfills waterproofing requirements for basement interiors or exteriors.

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