Why Should You Buy a Ladies Wetsuits?

Posted by articlelink01 on November 9th, 2017

If you are fairly new to the world of surfing or water sports, then you must have at least seen a thousand people who get into the water wear wetsuits. It is an incredible piece of gear, which allows surfers, swimmers as well as any kind of water lovers to stay in the ocean all year round. However, a lot of times, people tend to overlook the importance of high quality ladies wetsuits. You may ask how it differs from any other ladies swimwear in UK or even why you would need such an expensive gear in the first place. Well, that is why today we talk about the importance of a good wetsuit.

For starters, a good wetsuit reduces the surface friction of water. This may not seem like a huge deal at the beginning of your rendezvous with the ocean, but trust us when we say this, once you start going at it hard, the friction is going to be a real problem. A good wetsuit will give you buoyancy, and reduce the dragging factor when you are swimming or surfing, thus allowing you to conserve energy. The thing about the wetsuit is that it cats like Teflon, and not only makes your body more streamlined, allowing for you to cut through the waves more easily, but it also reduces the chances of your sustaining scrapes and bruises form the friction.

Consequently, a wetsuit will make you faster, as the outer layer of all neoprene wetsuits are made to repel water due to the presence of a substance called SCS (Super Composite Skin). This also makes you lighter, slowing you be at the surface level of water. Logically, if you are higher in the water, the less effort you have to provide in order to swim or surf, and the faster you will be, conserving all of your energy and saving your breath. As a result of this, in a large number of swimming competitions, the swimmers are not allowed to wear wetsuits while competing.

However, unlike any ordinary ladies swimwear of UK, say like a bikini, a wetsuit’s main function if to maintain your body temperature. Most ladies wetsuits have a hydrophobic outer skin and since they are made up of a kind of rubber derivative called Neoprene, they trap a very thin layer of water between the suit and your body, which in turn acts as an insulator and prevents your body heat from being leached into your surroundings. This, in the long run, not only helps keep your core heat intact, but also prevents the water players from developing hypothermia, especially if they remain in the water for long periods of time.

Any good wetsuit should fit you like a glove, and not be tight, especially along the chest as well as the torso area. This is because if a wetsuit is tight, and things tend to get tighter while in the water, then it will constrict your movement, especially in the chest region, creating pressure and thereby not allowing you to breathe to your full capacity. This will compromise with the ability of your thoracic muscles to expand to the fullest and take in a lot of oxygen, and hence your performance in the water will also be significantly affected, making you tired faster.

Resource Box: Most ladies wetsuits are different from average ladies swimwear UK , not only because of the fabric and their utility, but also because of the fact that while an ordinary swimwear is simply an article of clothing, a good wetsuit is a good investment.

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