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Posted by williamriddle on September 11th, 2011

The basic theory of losing weight is to burn more calories than you eat. We could do it through diet pills for instant result. But the result will be the opposite. When you finally go off the diet, you will regain all the weight you lost. If you are really concerned about how to lose weight then we should let you in on some of our weight loss tips! Weight loss is not so easy. To lose your weight, you need to learn how weight loss works and you need proper guidelines. The four basic steps you need to maintain are; 1. Figure out what triggers you to eat 2. Exercise - this will get you rapid weight loss results. 3. Your food habits – create a good routine. 4. A healthy mindset – always stay positive. With regards exercise you should decide when and exactly how much time you can make in your daily routine. In general, overweight people do not want to make time for exercise and this is the main cause of their weight gain. Exercise is the one of the main ways to be really successful losing weight long term. Exercise will increase your metabolism, which helps your body process food better. Walking is very underrated – a daily power walk can really help you lose weight. If you keep exercise (esp. walking) in your daily routine, you will surely reach to your goal. Another way to shed the weight is to create a diet chart. This will help you to track your progress as you lose weight. Firstly, you need to prepare a list of all the food you consume on a daily basis (including drinks!). Soft drinks are a significant cause of weight gain. Also, take note of the carbohydrate and sugar laden foods (heavy calorie foods) you eat which are the prime example of food addiction. With food addiction, you tend to lose control when you eat your favourite food. Even when you understand all the adverse sides of food addiction, you still find it hard to give it up. If you really want to have a control over your obesity then you need to control your mind first. It’s not so hard if you prepare! Make a weekly meal plan (your diet chart) and shop for fresh, well balanced food that is not calorie laden. Last but not least, it’s so important to have a healthy mindset, which is ultimately responsible for a healthy body. It’s very important how you speak to yourself. If you set your mind to start an exercise routine and maintain a regular balanced diet, you will get definitely achieve your ideal weight, be fit and happy all day long. Weight loss is the best way to start looking fit and healthy. You will enjoy life more because of your healthiness. Due to food addiction we face many problems with excessive weight, and many diseases are associated with this. Regular exercise along with a balanced diet will free you from these diseases for longer and will answer that question of “ how to lose weight ” that you always ask yourself. The most attractive thing is that you will look and feel younger for longer!

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