Pedicures and caring for your health

Posted by John on November 10th, 2017

Pedicures are cosmetic treatments for your ft and toenails. They often include quite nail polish and you leave the actual salon feeling great. The word pedicure comes from Latin, 'pedis' means feet and 'cure' means the cure, therefore, in essence, a pedicure is a 'foot cure' and the method has been around for hundreds of years.

There is evidence that pedicures identified for over 4000 years. The historic Egyptians were huge fans of the feet and caring for their ft and legs was something they were doing throughout the social classes. In historical China, 3000 BC to be exact, toenail color was a popular thing also it symbolized where you fell on the interpersonal scale. Royals, for example, would color their nails red and dark.

There is even evidence that Hatshepsut and Queen Nefertiti painted their own nails and we even know that both these styles they favored red, though in various shades. Pedicures and caring for your ft in ancient times wasn't just for females, as there is also evidence that army commanders painted their nails to complement their lips before a fight in ancient Egypt.

Today, pedicures are for anyone, and they can be possibly cosmetic, therapeutic or medial within nature. They start with feet soak and usually entail the massage of the feet and the Achilles tendon before the pumice stone is used to consider off all the dead skin tissues from the feet, particularly in the back heel region. Granular exfoliation, moisturizing remedies, and even paraffin treatments can also be the section of the pedicure procedure. Some salons also provide mud and masks available in many different types and scents to further treat those tootsies.

Also included in most methods is nail clipping and framing and of course the application of nail polish. Possessing a professional Pedicures St. Thomas Ontario on a regular basis can in fact assist to prevent nail disease and problems, but you do have to be careful that you visit a reputable salon or spa and the tools are fully sanitized right after each client so that germs, as well as diseases, don't spread from one customer to the next.

Because this procedure includes a Spa with Hair Salon most of the time, it helps the blood flow as well as circulation and is particularly good for people with diabetes who may have problems with their feet. It can pamper, but it also makes your feet, as well as calves, feel better and of course, look better as well. What are you waiting for?

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