How did the Bible originate?

Posted by Arun on November 11th, 2017

Like most holy books, the Bible was not written by a single author; rather, it is a collection of writings of more than 40 authors that were put together and translated. These were written in three languages: the 39 texts of the Old Testament in Hebrew and Aramic, and the 27 texts of the New Testament in Greek. The Old Testament was written before the birth of Jesus Christ. Its content is quite similar to the sacred writings of the Jews. The Christians consider Jesus Christ as their liberator, and the New Testament describes his life and deeds.

What do Jews, Christians and Muslims have in common?

They all believe in a single, all-powerful God. The Jews call him Jehovah, the Christians God or Father, and the Muslims call him Allah. All three religions refer to a holy book: the Tanakh or the Hebrew Bible, which also includes the Torah, for the Jews, the Bible with the Old and the New Testament for the Christians and the Quran for the Muslims. In addition, all three religions have prophets, Abraham, Jesus Christ, and Mohammed, who conveyed the will of God to the people. Judaism is the oldest of the three religions.

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