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Posted by Jessica Beak on November 11th, 2017

Today, along with the development in technology, the ways of fraud are also increasing. Check fraud is one of the biggest challenges faced today by lots of financial institutions. It is comparatively easy for criminals who have the knowledge of the technology. Thus, check fraud prevention is very crucial.

A huge number of cases are found all around the world through public publishing. To avoid being stuck in these frauds, here are five tips which one should surely follow.

Write checks sparingly: you should always have a complete check about your name, address, my bank account number, routing number and signature. Don’t write checks too often like there is no need to pay by check to an unknown person. Paying your credit card bill or paying your mortgage is ok. Credit card has all the necessary details which you never want to share with an unknown person.

Be Careful during tax time: Most of the scams are done near the high time of the tax time. People use checks for paying taxes and criminals see this as the opportunities and they steal that check out of the mailbox, modify the payee and deposit it.

Use quality and secured mailboxes: Firstly, you should always try for posting your bill through the post office as this is the most secured one. Never save your written check in your online mailbox and put the flag up for the fraudsters. 

Secure checkbook: checkbook is not less than cash. It is equally important to lock your check book in a safe place as cash. Some people leave it very carelessly. Criminals are always having an eye on people’s receipt with statements. So, from now, always keep your checkbook secure and safe.

Match your checkbook regularly: matching a passbook or checkbook is very important. Banks are also not liable to pay you after 30 days of fraud. You should always update your pass book at least one time in a month.

These are the major steps you can take for preventing of frauds. Other than this, there is software which can be really helpful for you. The software has some great features like:

Software compares the check’s size, layout, font to determine and physical abnormalities. It does not only check physical, but also identifies signatures very closely. Identifies all the characters, including curves, flares, and also the space between letters. Other than check fraud prevention there are many more benefits of this software.

This can save a lot of your money by eliminating all the scams and frauds of forged checks. When there is proper security, the consumers have confidence in the bank and it creates brand loyalty. Software involves an automated process which saves time as well as resources. Proper verifying is done at ATMs and everywhere. You can easily have this software from this place

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