How to Get Mens' Custom Suit in Toronto?

Posted by Spier & Mackay on November 13th, 2017

First impressions last the longest. If you are one to not worry about what you are wearing to work, business meets, dinners or galas – you should be. You may not want to work very hard to get the custom tailored suit look, but in the long run you will have to work twice as hard to change your public image of being “not appropriately dressed”. However, if you are based in Toronto, your days of dressing woes are over. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get men’s custom suit in Toronto. 

Step #1: Your comfort and preference

Choose a store that offers custom tailoring in addition to readymade suits for men. If it is a brand you like, all the merrier. However, it is better to do groundwork about their quality and fit when it comes to tailoring before you place your order. Since readymade suits fit everybody but nobody in particular, they are easy to tailor. Custom fits may not be the forte of the brand you prefer. Doing homework in searching for custom tailoring brands in Toronto will save you a lot of money, and leave you with a great suit to flaunt. 

Step #2: Minute measurements 

Human bodies are not perfect. There are many people who are born with one arm longer than the other, or with some other anomalies that make readymade suits an ill fit. Ask the tailor in Toronto to measure you very minutely so as to ensure a custom tailored suit that shows you off. 

Step #3: Suits talk 

The material and style you dress yourself in speaks a lot about how you are doing in life – suits made out of premium, expensive fabrics will make themselves obvious; in situations where you don’t want your wealth showing, tone down the quality. Custom tailoring should be paired with intelligent use of material as well. Nothing has to be necessarily expensive with custom tailoring in Toronto – it can be in budget as well. 

Step #3: Be careful with change in style 

Custom tailored suits are made to fit, therefore you will have no room for change once they are made. If you would rather prefer the modern look to the older double-breasted to two-button versions, make it clear to the tailor. If it is the other way around, and you still want a modern fit, be absolutely sure about whether or not you can carry it off. 

Use the guide above to get men’s custom suit in Toronto. 

About The Author: 

This article was written by Peter Kamel, Marketing Coordinator at Spier & Mackay. Spier & Mackay offers an easy online shopping experience based in Toronto & Mississauga. Their aim is to provide you with custom made dress shirts that fit perfectly. They have hundreds of different fabrics to choose from & you can certainly design your own dress shirt that reflects your personal style. 

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