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Posted by Odoland on November 13th, 2017

It was during the 80’s that skiing was a men-dominated winter sport. Like in other fields, women have invaded and set their benchmarks in skiing too. Tamara Kinley was the first American female skier to win the Alpine World Cup Championship.

The challenging nature of the sport made buying of women ski apparel a challenging task too. Along with apparel, you must be geared with good equipment too like women ski goggles. You might have an idea that goggles are the same, they have nothing to do with gender. But imagine yourself wearing a goggle that is too big or small for you. It will make you uncomfortable and to focus on the track will become difficult. Women have distinct bone structures and features. So, you must pick ski goggles that suits your face and specially designed for your gender.

Women’s ski goggles are specially designed and made to fit on the face of a woman. You can choose from a variety of color, frame, and add-on features available. While talking about skiing, kids are even no less in excelling the sport. But if you want your child to ski safely and enjoy, it is your responsibility to get them appropriate ski wear that is comfortable and safe.

Snow ski helmets are the most important part of your skiing kit. Snow ski helmets for kids, as well as adults, have the following advantages-

1.    Safety- It covers the most important part of your body, the cranium. Head injuries can cause severe brain damage and can also be fatal. Wearing a helmet reduces the chances of head injury.
2.    Body heat- Some ski helmets have a leather insole that maintains a current body temperature in cold weathers.
3.    Convenience- High quality and expensive helmets have exclusive features like- pouches for storing small accessories, radio earphones, etc.
4.    Abiding by the law- Law says that you must wear helmets while performing any activity that involves physical danger.

A study says that about 80% of the fatal ski injury cases could be prevented by wearing a ski helmet. You cannot predict when you will need your helmet while skiing but you need them to protect yourself from fatal injuries while skiing. They ensure safety and longevity. But you must never develop a false sense of security by wearing a snow ski helmet. You can still suffer a fatal accident due to any reason. See for other riders and obstacles while you ski the next time and don’t be dependent on your helmet.

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