Deciding upon basement renovations when and how

Posted by sylvanmark on November 13th, 2017

Basement renovations usually take up quite a bit of time and investment. So, it isn’t every day that you draw up a basement remodel plan. There are two major factors that decide this – how well is your basement ventilated and whether it is free of moisture and water leakage. If you feel either or both are on the negative side then it is time to take up the remodeling and call upon the experts to help you decide what to do and how to go about it.

Is your basement dry?

If you notice bulging walls or white powder deposits on the stone or walls then there is chance that moisture is intruding the walls and causing structural decay. While a dehumidifier can take care of moisture, leaking basements require sump pumps to be installed to take care of ground water. The signs telling you that your basement needs waterproofing solutions can be a basis of your basement renovations. It is important that the cracks and gaps are tended to create a barrier against water and air getting inside the walls.

Another important factor to keep in mind here is proper landscaping design. Exterior landscaping should allow for water drainage from plants and shrubs to slope away from the foundation. Checking the temperature control systems, plumbing and wiring is also a part of complete renovations to keep your basement dry.

Is there proper ventilation and egress window?

Give your basements a breath of fresh air and light through custom egress solutions. In absence of windows as required by law, it may not be safe or healthy to use the basement as a living space. When you are planning a renovation of your basement, don’t forget to include egress windows. The International Residential Code 2012 for a finished basement construction needs to be followed so that there is a safe exit in case of any emergencies. It also allows emergency service providers an alternative entry to the house. Making your basement safe and healthy should also be a priority while renovating it.

Employing a professional basement remodel contractor

With the above factors in mind, it is best that people with experience are given the responsibility to renovate your basement. Any kind of repair in basement interiors or exteriors can be taken up by these professionals as a part of renovation plans. Exterior foundation repair and waterproofing may take longer time depending on your requirements. However, a plan will be drawn up to suit your budget. Quality service comes with lifetime warranty so that you know who to call upon. Apart from this, the contractor will make use of the latest technology to ensure that the basement is waterproofed and ventilated.

If you keep the above points in mind you will know when and how to go about your basement renovations. Investing time and money for basement remodel is completely viable because it is connected with keeping the foundation and structure free of damage and decay. In addition, you are presented with an alternative living space that you can use accordingly.

Plan your basement remodel after considering the signs and symptoms of repair requirements. Call upon experts for effective and functional basement renovations.

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