The Carte R4 DS Lite Can Unlock the Potential of Your Nintendo Gaming Console

Posted by AngeloEverton on September 15th, 2011

 The Nintendo DS Lite is one of the sleekest gaming consoles in the market.  It is compact, lightweight, and evokes memories of the venerable Game Boy.  This new gaming unit offers more sophisticated features for the serious gamer.  There is no denying that the DS Lite model is an exciting device.  Unfortunately, the unit has a limited built-in storage and less than optimum memory capacity.  Because of these, you may not be able to store more games or download new game versions.  You can overcome these challenges by installing the carte R4 DS Lite card.  The R4 expansion cartridge gives you the opportunity to fully unlock the exciting world of Nintendo games.  

The carte R4 DS Lite expansion gaming card is also known as a linker.  It will enable you to use a micro SD memory card with your DS Lite unit.  This gives you the chance to considerably expand the storage capacity of your gaming console.  In fact, there are several expansion packs available for you.  You can choose to buy the 2 GB SD card package or the 32 GB memory card option.  Once you install the R4 card, you can now download more games from the Internet.  You can save these games or share them with your friends.  With a higher storage capacity, you will be able to fully utilize the multiplayer gaming features of your Nintendo console. 

The carte R4 DS Lite also enhances the versatility of your Nintendo device.  Of course, this kind of device is specifically designed for gaming.  However, it can bring more enjoyment for you if you equip it with an R4 card.  The Lite version is WiFi enabled.  You can use it to easily share photos with your friends.  But you can only do this if the device has a huge storage space. Saving images and photos to the DS Lite unit is possible if you have an R4 card.  More importantly, the R4 cartridge will also enable you to share game videos and customized animations to your friends. 

Installing a carte R4 DS Lite can bring additional benefits for you.  If you are a choosy gamer, you probably want to carefully select games before you download them.  With the help of an R4 card, you will be able to view lots of gaming videos.  You can download game previews and other videos developed by gamers.  By watching the videos first, it would be much easier to decide which game is perfect for you.  This saves you time and money.  More importantly, the R4 gaming card for DS Lite allows gamers to download and play homebrew versions.  You can unlock the homebrew versions and enjoy unique games if you have the R4 card. 

Boost the capabilities of your Nintendo DS Lite by installing the right carte R4 DS card. Find the best R4 DS Lite cards from a reliable online supplier of gaming accessories.

The DS Lite model is a very popular gaming console because it provides the gamer with an enhanced viewing experience.  However, the factory model offers limited storage space.  A standard unit for example has a maximum of 256 Kb of storage.  You can never really enjoy the device if it has a limited storage capacity.  To fully unlock the potential of Nintendo DS Lite, you should equip it with the latest R4 card. 

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