Importance of egress for basements and crawl space foundation

Posted by sylvanmark on November 13th, 2017

Basements add to the living space and crawl spaces protect from water and termites. You will find these to be the most common choices for foundations. However, the need for ventilation and egress in crawl space foundation of basements cannot be overlooked. Apart from ensuring healthy and breathable environment, basement egress provides a security to those who need to access it on a regular basis. Similarly, crawl spaces need egress to access it.

Ventilations in basements and crawl spaces

It is no secret that a ventilated space is healthy for both its occupant and the space itself. Crawl spaces are no more than around two feet, just about enough to crawl under the floor of the house if there is any need to check on the structure or on a duct or electrical fitting. Screened ventilations form a usual part of finished crawl spaces. It allows the air to get rid of the dampness and remain as dry as possible through circulation. Since crawl spaces are built as a way to protect the house from floods, it is important to allow enough air to pass through. As in a crawl space foundation, basements also need ventilations often received in the form of an egress window or a separate ventilation screen. Since basements are used more as a living space, a regular flow of fresh air is important to get rid of humidity or harmful gases.

Egress for safety and security

Crawl spaces need egress only as a means of entry and exit if it needs to be accessed for a particular reason. Basement egress, however, takes a different role altogether. A lot of time is spent in this space by any member of the family or anyone else. Hence an egress offers a safe and secure exit in case of an emergency. Natural light gets in more through an egress than through ventilations. So, it is also healthy to build an egress window. You can get customized egress solutions offered by contractors specializing in basement services.

You are required by the law to have an egress window if you are using the basement as a living space or sleeping room to prevent making it into an inescapable fire trap. You can have an egress window installed during renovation. Crawl space egress solutions are different from basement ones but your service provider should be able to provide you with a suitable solution. While planning a window egress make sure that it is easy to open and exit in case you are in a hurry. This is the entire purpose of having it installed in the first place.

Professionals who deal in basement and crawl space foundation repairs will also be able to help you with ventilation and basement egress solutions. At the end, you really want what’s best for the structure in terms of durability and longevity as well as taking care of the health and safety of those planning to use the building. Keeping this in mind planning for proper ventilation and egress will definitely be worth the investment.

Install crawl space foundation ventilations and basement egress for ease of access, health and safety.

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