8 Welding Advantages You Need to Know

Posted by johnpreston on November 13th, 2017

Many people look at metals that have been welded together but wonder if the welds have a name or anything that can be used to identify them Welding is a process that joins materials, usually metals, by causing fusion which does not melt the base metal.

Welding is used, in different industries, to create different types of equipment that are normally used. Some of the equipment that employs the services of welding include military tanks, spaceships, and pacemakers. The motor vehicle industry also used welds to create steel fuel tanks. The weld type used in such is a weld seam. A weld seam is used to make gas or fluid-tight joints in a variety of sheet metal fabrications.

The welding process differs from equipment to equipment. For a weld joint to be firm, a specific weld type needs to be done to it. Some of the welding types include:
•   Circumferential welding: Just as the name suggests, this weld type involves welding along spherical areas. It is a type of weld used to produce high-quality welds along circumferential joints in a wide variety of parts and shapes.

•   Seam welds: Seam welding is a process that produces welds at the surface of two similar metals. It is used for the welding of stainless steel, aluminum, and its alloys, etc.

•   Tank Welds – These are mostly used in gas or diesel tanks. It is a process that requires extreme caution based on the importance of the tanks.
Welding has over the years been done to create joints mostly on metal surfaces. It is a more preferred option as compared to using bolts on joints. Advantages of welding include:

•   Welding is a permanent attachment method. Once something has been welded, for you to disassemble it, you will need to damage or destroy the part.
•   A welded joint normally has high strength, sometimes even more than the parent metal.
•   Welding creates continuous joints with lower stress concentrations.
•   Welded structures are smooth in appearance, making them pleasing to the eye.
•   Welding process takes less time that riveted joints.
•   You can make alterations in the existing structure.
•   Welded structures are light in weight.
•   Welds can be done in any shape and in any direction.

Tank welding is a process that generally needs a lot of expertise for a perfect finish. If you are thinking of welding for your equipment and wondering where to find welds, Tech-Weld, the best weld company in the United States, offers you the best cost-effective, high-quality welds and will save you time and money, without compromising on quality.

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