Get the Extra Gaming Boost with the Logiciel R4 Card for Nintendo

Posted by AngeloEverton on September 15th, 2011

 The Logiciel R4 card is one of the leading brands of expansion cartridges for Nintendo.  This firmware R4 gives you the opportunity to considerably expand the capabilities of your gaming device. Even if you have the latest Nintendo portable game console, you will still be hampered by its limited storage and memory capacity.  That is why you need an expansion cartridge that will boost the performance of your gadget.  So if you are looking for a suitable R4 cartridge, then Logiciel is a brand that you can trust. To fully understand the advantages that you can enjoy, here is a closer look on the Logiciel card.

The telecharger Logiciel R4 brand comes in several versions.  There is the Red Logiciel SDHC with 4 gigabytes SD card.  There are also different versions of Gold SDHC cartridges that are capable of accepting higher capacity SD cards.  For example, a standard Gold upgrade package contains the cartridge and a 2GB SD card.  There are also packages that contain 8GB and 4GB SD cards.  Best of all, these packages are already configured for the latest firmware R4.  The cards have pre-installed software that ensures full compatibility with the Nintendo console.  All you need to do is to insert the R4 card into the right slot so you can start enjoying your games. 

The telecharger Logiciel R4 card can work with various Nintendo models.  There are firmware R4 cards that are compatible with Nintendo DS and DS Lite.  You need a standard expansion cartridge for these models.  If you have the latest console such as the 3DS, DSi, and DSi XL, then Logiciel can also supply you with the right firmware R4 version.  Just carefully read the specs on the product packaging to determine the compatibility of the card with known Nintendo device.  You can never go wrong with the R4 card of Logiciel.  That is because each card is especially designed to work perfectly with particular models of Nintendo gaming console. 

When buying firmware R4 card, most gamers usually consider their budget first.  That is because a premium expansion cartridge can be quite expensive.  If your budget is tight but you still want to buy an R4 cartridge, then Logiciel will surely have the right product for you.  The Logiciel R4 card comes in different price points.  You can get a cheap expansion cartridge if you have money problems.  You can also choose a package that does not contain an SD card so that you can save more. But if money is not an issue, then you can have the best R4 card from Logiciel with high storage capacity. 

There are different brands of R4 cards in the market today.  Choosing the right firmware R4 for your Nintendo can be very confusing.  To make things easier, why not start your search for a suitable Logiciel R4 cartridge.  This is one of the most trusted brands in the market.  It also provides different cartridges for different gamers.  Most importantly, you will be able to find a Logiciel card that is perfect for your budget. 

Boost the capabilities of your Nintendo DS by installing the right Logiciel R4 card. Find the best Firmware R4 cards from a reliable online supplier of gaming accessories.

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