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Posted by John on November 14th, 2017

So you need to have a nice roomy shower stall. Additionally, you want to make sure that you have plenty of space in the rest of the bathroom for countertop space and other functional needs of the bathroom. You may even want to have a separate bathtub and shower unit. So you have to know what sort of options you have to meet each one of these needs that you have decided you have. During the past, there was no easy answer to this. You had to choose between space and performance. Today though, there are lots of choices the options available to you to meet the needs as well as the functionality of your bathroom.

A Percentage shower enclosures is one of the best solutions to this space dilemma. However, past solving your bathroom's space problems, these shower stalls offer extra benefits to you. All of the benefits of this specific design are what is making them a well-liked option in lots of newly constructed homes along with those homes that are currently being renovated.

To start with the shape of a quadrant shower trays solves two space problems for you. The first space issue it solves is how much room this actually takes up in the bathroom's ground plan itself. This type of shower housing does not require a large footprint. Which means that it does not take up much square footage of the bathroom. This is a benefit to you since it allows room for other things within the bathroom. It is also a major benefit for those who have a very small bathroom and are searching for design options that make the best technique space available to you.

The second space problem that this type of shower model is great for is the spaciousness of the shower by itself. In the past, many people tried to avoid setting up any type of shower stall because they simply weren't very roomy, which result in an uncomfortable shower experience. With this brand new type of quadrant shower enclosures that is no more the case. A quadrant shower housing provides you with plenty of room for a comfy shower experience.

In addition to the space advantages of this type of shower enclosure, you will also discover that it is much easier to clean than the enclosures of the past. You will find that these enclosures have rounded corners. The curved corners make them easier to clean since you don't end up with dirt and cleaning soap scum stuck in a corner or even in hard to reach edges from the shower enclosure.

The overall benefits of this kind of shower enclosure make it a pretty apparent choice when you are looking into what sort of housing you should buy.

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