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Posted by Linda Hudson on November 14th, 2017

Be it small or big, law firms are generally equipped to handle every legal challenge. Depending on your legal issues there are a variety of law firms to choose from, like a type of legal practice, location, legal topic, size, etc. Though there is no one-for-all solution to solve legal problems, choosing a law firm can make a difference in your case. For choosing the right one, you need to know about various types of law firms available.

Solo law firms

As the name suggests, solo law firms are run by a single lawyer. They generally handle general legal matters in different legal areas; however, they may be specialized in one particular area, like patent law. There are several benefits of hiring a solo law firm, like reduced cost, or dealing with a single issue becomes easier. With solo law firms, hiring outside staff like paralegals and legal experts become easier. A client also gets more attention as the attorney works on a case single-handedly.

Commercial law firm

A typical commercial law firm in Beirut, Lebanon offers a range of commercial law services including most areas of commerce. They assist clients on various commercial matters, for example, representation, joint ventures, sales and purchase or corporations, employment contracts, licensing agreements, private and public placements. Commercial law firm helps their clients to resolve disputes involving business transactions, deals, and agency matters.

Litigation law firms

Law firms are sometimes differentiated by the type of legal services they offer, for example, a law firm may represent a client in court cases, confined to litigation, or it may deal with transactional matters involving extensive paperwork related to disputes over insurance, property, and money.

Layers usually do not cross over practice areas within a firm, for example, a transaction attorney who handles corporate law may never see the inside of a courtroom.

Criminal law firms

Law firms specialized in criminal defense against crimes often represent private clients who can afford a criminal defense attorney. A persona facing criminal charges often hire a criminal defense lawyer to go through the criminal process and avail assistance for reducing serious penalties associated with criminal charges.

Apart from these categories, there exists small law firms, large law firms, and law firms based on various law practice areas. Before hiring one, you need to make sure the right one fit for your case.

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