Marriages In Pakistan: Curse With The Dowry, Ample With The Spending!

Posted by BetiPk on November 14th, 2017

The society as an entire fails to understand that the cash spent on weddings would be higher endowed in raising living standards, education, health and therefore the overall well-being of the family.

An often ignored reality that has plagued Pakistani society is that getting married is a financial nightmare.

Marriage in our country is an incident for insane displays of paying on atrociously lavish Valimas, Mehndi banquets, jewelry, give-aways, dowry and similar acts. What's fascinating and downright appalling is that each all categories of the society are guilty of this madness. Yet they spend a whole lot of money to show off and increase their standards in the society.

Our upper-class uses wedding occasions to indicate how wealthy, they are in order to get fame and publicity. The middle-class, as forever torn between the levels of society, tries its best to pay as much as it can and register itself within the upper-class thus on feel accomplished. As they don’t want their daughters to feel left out. The urge to give happiness to their child forces them to do so. The poor remove the money from their children’s education, health and everyday basics of life to cover nonsensical wedding expenses.

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