The Growth And Compatibility Of PSP Downloads

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

The Sony PSP, or Play Station Portable, is the latest state of the art gadget for downloading music, movies and games. Launched firstly in Japan, then into the US and UK, it's been designed to the highest standard, with quality pictures and audio for PSP downloads. It carries on the traditions of the conventional Play Station but appeals to those who like the mobility of the hand held console.

It would appear that anything which can be formatted for PSP Downloads is being formatted as everyone wants to get on board. There are numerous outlets offering PSP Downloads, some of them for free and with unlimited access. Sony has its own web portal, designed specifically for the PSP, featuring a user friendly PSP interface for downloading trailers, fresh content for games and a choice of wallpapers.

So what do PSP Downloads have to offer? There are the best selling games in all the genres; action, sports, shooters, role-playing and racing games. There are even comic books for PSP Downloads. You can also get wallpapers, movie trailers, full length movies and animation. Favorite TV shows, including drama, sports, soaps and reality TV, have been formatted as PSP downloads. Music videos and songs can also be downloaded and some magazines are offering their whole edition or partial content electronically. A full length graphic novel has recently been added for the PSP downloads. So there really is something for everyone.

Sports nuts will appreciate the announcement from Sony and the NBA, who are making video highlights available from the 2006 NBA All-Star Events. No doubt other sports will follow with their versions.

There are step by step online tutorials to follow, for novices to PSP downloads and lots of useful hints and information from the growing user forums. Getting PSP downloads should be plain sailing, as the PSP has been designed to be compatible with Windows, Macintosh and other major operations.

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