Your Perfect Guide to Stick the PopSockets

Posted by jemsrenz on November 14th, 2017

First of all, PopSockets will stick to nearly everything and this is just fantastic as it facilitates you with a lot of choices with regard to how you can make use of your cool PopSockets. In addition, you can’t just use it on your mobile phone but also in and around your house to meet different needs. Now, the question is how do you stick it on? Here, in this article post, we’ve mentioned some key steps that are important to take for getting your Pop socket fasten appropriately and firmly to your mobile device, e-reader, etc.

Decide Where You Want To Install Your Pop Socket: The first and foremost step that you should take is to ensure that you set up this incredible mobile accessory at room temperature for confirming that the adhesive sets suitably. After that you should settle on where to install your pop socket, whether on the back side of the phone or tablet, or on the mirror, window or wall. As soon as you make out where you want to fix it you can begin with the installation.  

Surface Cleaning: What next comes is the cleaning of the area you want to fasten the pop socket. No doubt, cleaning will make certain that you take away all the dirt or grease. If you skip this step, then your pop socket might not glue properly. Once you are done with the cleaning part, just peel off the adhesive backing from the pop socket and set it where you have decided to fix it. Don’t forget to hold it firmly in position for twelve seconds (as a minimum) to verify that it sticks well.         

Test to Validate the Most Excellent Grip: In the last, it is essential that you test it tenderly to ensure the grip is tightly fixed and after that you are all set to go. Just bear in mind that this smart phone accessory is intended to stick to nearly any material, however it may not fix properly to silicone cases and water-resistant covers.    

What is more, you can also remove and re-stick your pop socket many times that makes it simple for you to hit upon the correct place on your mobile phone or any other device. Without any doubt, a pop socket is adhesive enough to stick on the mirror, hold your bracelets, or place it on the window as an embellishment. Just tag on the above-mentioned steps and of course you’ll get the excellent result.      

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