How To Use Shock Collars In Dog Training

Posted by adairsawyer on September 16th, 2011

Using dog shock collars is one way to go about dog training and a very effective one at that.  Most people want to get their dogs trained in behavior as soon as possible so that they make better companions and pets.  It is always advisable to train a dog to behave and this takes a bit of being strict on the part of the dog owner.  Dog shock collars are an ideal way to go about dog training in that they give the right amount of negative stimulation without hurting the dog. 

The problem with the dog is that they do not have a long memory span.  Therefore, if you start screaming at them because of something that they did, it does no good. The dog only knows that you are upset, but has no idea as to why.  It does not work to rub the nose of a dog in an accident or to hit it with paper when it does something wrong in that it comes too after the fact for it to make any impact.

The most effective way to change the behavior of the dog is to take action immediately after the unwanted deed. Dog shock collars work very quickly in that they generate a jolt that does not hurt the dog at all but is unpleasant, whenever the dog does something wrong.  For example, if you have a dog that is running wild and not coming to you when you call it, you need to train it to listen to this command. This is important in that it will not only prevent your dog from running off and getting lost, but also running into traffic and getting killed.  You need to use dog training not only for your own good in that you have a better pet, but also to make sure that your dog is safe. 

Using the shock collars does not hurt the dog. The recommended way to use them for dog training is to keep them on the lowest level.  Use them when the dog does something wrong.  Be sure to use positive reinforcement as well when the dog does something good, likes goes outside. This is the way that the dog learns what is appropriate behavior and what isn’t.  They will soon pick up on what they should and should not do based upon the stimulation that they receive from the dog shock collars. This is not cruel to do this to the dog in that it does not hurt them and is not meant to inflict pain, but a way to teach them how to be good canine companions. 

A dog that is well behaved and well trained is a pleasure to be around.  This will make all the difference in the world not only to the current owner, but also, if down the road, the owner cannot care for the dog.  They will have a better chance of finding a new home even if you are not around to provide for them when they are well trained.  People like to have well trained and obedient dogs as they make excellent pets, hunting companions and even guard dogs.  However, an untrained dog is likely to wind up getting put down in the dog pound.  Therefore, in the interest of your dog, you owe it to him to be well trained. 

A well trained dog is one that has gone through dog training and knows how to behave. Dog shock collars can help achieve this and can be found at Discount Dog Fence.

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