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Training With The Right Shock Collar For Dogs

Posted by adairsawyer on September 16th, 2011

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog knows that each and every dog has a personality of its own, much as people do. No two dogs are the same, even if they are of the exact same breed. And for this reason, training one dog is usually very different from training another. Although general techniques are usually similar, some dogs simply refuse to respond to regular training methods. If you find yourself at your wits end when it comes to training your dog, then you should definitely consider using an Innotek shock collar for dogs in order to more effectively train your dog.

The history of the domestic dog has long been tied to that of humans, and dogs are descended from domesticated wolves that humans first tamed to be hunting partners and to guard their homes. Today, most domestic breeds of dogs have been specifically bred for their looks or ease of training. Most of the tried-and-tested methods of training dogs involves the use of food as positive reinforcement for good behavior. At times, however, such positive reinforcement is simply not enough to stop dogs from destructive or annoying behavior. With the Innotek shock collar for dogs, you will be able to introduce negative feedback into your dog’s training as well, and stop those annoying behaviors.

Many dog owners are concerned with the safety of shock collars such as the Innotek shock collar for dogs. These worries are completely unfounded, however, and a great deal of care has gone into the design and testing of the Innotek shock collar for dogs. The electrical stimuli that are applied as a last resort when warnings have failed are not harmful in any way to dogs and are strong enough only to cause discomfort and warn them off unwanted behaviors.

The Innotek shock collar for dogs is also designed to emit warning tones. These warning beeps can be used as an extremely effective training tool, and by triggering the warning tones right before applying the electrical stimuli, dogs will soon come to associate such warning tones with discomfort. Once this happens, most of the time you will not even need to apply any electrical stimuli during training and the warning tones will be enough to let your dog know that it is doing something wrong.

In addition, the Innotek shock collar for dogs is designed with seven levels of electrostatic shocks of increasing severity, so that most of the time you need not cause your dog any large amount of discomfort, and can simply cause a small shock that should be enough to make it think twice about a particular behavior. Much like children, however, dogs are sometimes incorrigible and slight shocks are simply not enough to give them pause, so the Innotek shock collar for dogs is also designed to administer larger shocks that should stop any dog in its tracks without harming it.

With the Innotek shock collar for dogs, you will be able to train your dog safely and effectively and need not suffer annoying behaviors from your dog any longer.

If you are having problems training your dog and stopping annoying or even dangerous behavior, then you consider getting the Innotek shock collar. This very effective shock collar for dogs is available at DogMaster Trainers.

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