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Posted by juliabennet on September 18th, 2011

No modern professional real estate agent can survive without the computer. Gone are the days when a real estate agent would take their client along to visit the listed properties for rent or sale. These days even the clients don’t have time for all this. They would rather sit in their air conditioned offices and homes and browse the listed properties. With a professional real estate software application, various aspects of the real estate business can be managed efficiently. A real estate transaction management application can track all the transactions that a real estate agent conducts. This removes any menial work and the agent can focus on the core job – getting the best properties for their clients.

What are some of the aspects of real estate transaction management? One aspect of this is to list the available properties real time. There are real estate software applications that offer drag and drop features using which an agent can add new properties to the listings and remove the rented or sold properties. Some of these applications also offer 360ş views to the clients so that they can have a virtual look at the listed properties in and out. If you have seen some of the modern games you will know how real life virtual tours can be. This is what can be managed through a software application like this.

One of the very important aspects of real estate transaction management is escrow management. Managing an escrow means an agent has to keep track of about 30 different documents per escrow and track its movements for up to 45 days on an average. When there is a real estate software application in place, no manual work is needed. The software application does all the document management and tracking. The clients can also access the application and see the current situation. The amount of access they have can also be monitored by the real estate agent.

Another aspect of real estate transaction management is to manage files and store them efficiently so that they can be easily accessed. The files can be stored in one virtual location and can be accessed from various devices. If a real estate agent is on the move they can still use their real estate software application to access the files anytime. Various legal and broker compliances can also be managed using a professional real estate software application.

If you are not sure about the real estate software application you should use, look out for those websites that offer their real estate transaction management application on a free trial period. Usually, the trial period ranges from 30 to 45 days, time enough for you to go through every aspect of it and gauge it for effectiveness. Once you have a hang of the application you can decide whether you want to go for a full version. But one thing is for sure – if you want to manage your real estate business well, a real estate transaction management software application is a must for you.

Use a real estate software to manage various aspects of real estate transaction management. There are plenty of websites that offer these software applications and they are more than useful today.

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