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Posted by jjlawfl on November 15th, 2017

I attend hearings, depositions, and mediations in Lake County and in Orange County. My main office is in Orlando just a few miles from the court house. You may have read on our website about the variety of legal services I provide for clients. As an attorney in Clermont Florida, I often encounter people interested in creating wills (really estate planning), in hiring a family attorney, that have committed misdemeanors (including traffic ticket cases) and those that want to know what to do when they are involved in a car accident.

Clermont is a booming area undergoing rapid expansion. The population of Clermont is growing, construction seems to have escalated, and homes are being built nearly everywhere around town. My law practice will grow as Clermont expands because with expansion in population and citizenry, more legal services will likely be needed. This makes being an attorney in Clermont Florida a unique challenge as well as an opportunity for growth. Lake County is an area where there are a lot of families and there is a significant focus on education. It is truly a wonderful place for us to live.

As an Attorney in Clermont Florida, I am available to meet with clients at my Orlando or home office in Clermont, at their homes, in conference centers, or even for coffee at Starbucks. Where we meet depends on your preference, and the nature of your legal troubles. You may be rest-assured that I will literally and figuratively go the distance to ensure we have the opportunity to discuss your legal issues in a meaningful way. Part of my mission as an attorney is to build relationships with my clients and the surrounding community. Ultimately, I would appreciate if my clients feel comfortable working with me, and confident in my ability to resolve their legal issues with professionalism.

I went to law school to establish a third career that I can be proud of, and one where I may utilize my problem-solving abilities to help people. My versatility goes well-beyond the law and provides me with many unique insights into different sectors of the economy. I have been involved in marketing and public relations, and I have been a teacher (college professor, high school teacher, tutor, and mentor). In fact, being a lawyer involves both skillsets. First, in order to meet people and get referrals I enjoy spending time with potential clients, fellow professionals, and people I meet along the way. Second, having been an educator, I enjoy providing fresh and easy-to-understand insight into the legal process. If you have worked with me before (thank you to those that have), you may recall my explanations of complicated legal processes, which simplified things for you. I bring the complex legalese down-to-Earth for my clients to ensure they are aware of what the legal issues mean and how they may be resolved. If you need an Attorney Lake County Fl, I hope you will consider working with the Jacobs Law Firm, and that your experience will be a positive one.

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