Boast Of Durability Of Your Structure With Slab Formwork

Posted by Navkaar on November 15th, 2017

Concrete plays a vital role while constructing structures. However, concrete is stronger, but also has less strength when it comes to stretch ability. So, different types of scaffolding are implemented to mold these structures to give a better shape in the future. And for this, in various countries and India, a formwork becomes a requisite as it comprises of panels and false work which allows in pouring of concrete and furthermore for molding. However, when we are talking about suspended concrete slabs, then they do not get the desired ground support and hence a slab formwork comes into the picture. Across the cities including slab formwork in Kolkata, it comprises of stringers, joists and other support materials that help in the pouring of concrete and furthermore the suspension above the ground.

This formwork makes use of plywood sheets, but with that, it is very important to give special attention to the alignment, shapes and levels of that structural element. Every stage, especially at the initial stage, it is mandatory to check the levels while erecting the formwork. These initial stages are extremely crucial, because levels might vary due to the underpinning of loads and also the movement of the formwork. With this, remember to position the stop boards before concreting to avoid any further chaos. 

On the whole, a slab formwork can prove a boon while considering financial dynamics too. This formwork doesn’t need a crane nor skilled labourers. Moreover, it can be easily removed after the concrete is set, leaving alone the pillars. However, while removal, make sure the strength is accomplished or it might land you in a trouble. Also, while compacting and placing, make sure it supports the weight of the concrete. Your formwork should be so strong that it should withstand any climatic conditions. All these factors calculate the durability for a better shell life.

Just like erection, the removal of slab formwork is not that tedious and can be undertaken in 4 days’ time. However, before removal, check the strength of the concrete and make sure that your concerned authority checks the props before giving approval for upper slabs. Above all, there is a variety in the types of slab formwork namely – Timber beam slab formwork, Traditional slab formwork, Metal beam slab formwork, etc. So, just get in touch with Navkaar and we shall make sure to guide you to the fullest!

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