Benefits of Customized Restaurant Online Food Ordering Script

Posted by Rajeshkumar on November 15th, 2017

Online Food Ordering Scrpit

If you are running a restaurant or into some kind of Online Food Ordering System, a restaurant ordering system comes in handy. There are lots of food ordering software scripts available in the market. Some are standalone software solutions, others SaaS based cloud subscription models. In this blogpost, let us discuss the pros and cons of both so you get an idea which best suits your business. 

You need not even be a restaurant owner to make use of this script though! we have unveiled an interesting business idea which you will know if you stick until the end of this article.

We are in a cloud age where everything is online. Right from household items to apparels to even vehicles are sold online and delivered at your footsteps. Food is not an exception and there are quite many businesses offering ordering foods online via a restaurant ordering system. People could have any recipe at the comfort of their home with their family & friends. Cool hug?

 Custom Food Ordering Script Vs SaaS based solution

Again, as we mentioned there are 2 solutions. Opting a custom food ordering script or subscribe to one of the many SaaS solutions available. With SaaS model, you will be billed based on the number of orders. Looks like this will eliminate all upfront costs that you might incur with purchasing a custom standalone food ordering script. It might be true, but on the long run you will save a lot in monthly recurrence subscription, if you make a one-time purchase of a custom food ordering script.

Not only that, when you go for the standalone solutions, you could customize it to the core. But with a SaaS based solution, you have limitations with the level of customizations you make. With a standalone software script like the one we are offering, you could easily tailor the script to your needs. Maybe you would like to add a new payment gateway, add some local restaurants, find restaurants based on location, filter cuisines by menu, options for review and much more. The customizations you could make are endless.

SaaS has limited functionality as those are developed based on popular use cases. Custom scripts are perfectly tailored to meet your requirements. We help you to explore every possible revenue channels. That is a great means to maximize your business profits, right?

And here is an interesting business idea we promised to share. Food industry is growing and with everything going online, there are lots of potentials to make money. For instance, you could just pump in a website and add our custom script and voila, you have a new business up and running in no time. This could be a rewarding business model if you are able to target the right audience. We have good number of case studies to prove the point.

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