Chief Factors to Take Into Account While Choosing a PCB Supplier

Posted by megapluspcb on November 15th, 2017

There are many assembly factories and PCB manufacturers and suppliers to choose from but if you want to get the best quality Rigid Flex Circuits or rigid FR4 circuits at an affordable price; you have to thoroughly research before deciding on your vendor. Here are some of the prime factors to consider before choosing your PCB supplier.

High-Quality Product: You want your money’s worth and would not settle for an inferior grade quality of Flexible Circuits. By checking online reviews and customer feedbacks, you would have an idea about a PCB supplier. Only after thorough research, you should decide on your vendor.

Timely Delivery: Apart from superior quality products, find out about the time a PCB supplier takes to deliver products to its customers. Many of the PCB vendors, who charge low cost for their services, take several weeks to manufacture and assemble the component parts of the PCB. If you want the PCB assembly to be processed fast you have to spend more money. Faster processing entails a higher cost.

Customization: You should be aware of the fact that many of the low-cost PCB suppliers go by a standard or pre-determined set of the specifications. Thus, if your PCB design needs special consideration, make sure your vendor is able to provide it before getting into a contract.

Customer Support: Engineering support services is another key factor to consider when choosing a PCB supplier. If your vendor can provide the required support for reviewing your PCB Assembly design and point out any issue or mistakes that you may have overlooked during the design stage of the PCB, it would definitely help in saving a lot of your money and time. If you want multi layer flex circuits, they should be able to provide it.

Scalability: If your PCB is working effectively and all you need is to increase its workload, make sure your supplier can help you with it. In such a case you need to consider the manufacturer’s buildup capacity. They should be able to cope with the increase in workload, if required.

Experience: The greater number of years a PCB Manufacturer has been into the business, it is expected the service delivery would be better, compared to a new entrant. Check carefully the reputation and track record of a vendor before purchasing their products or services.

Certification: Make sure the PCB supplier has the valid certifications like ISO, UL, and IPC etc. to provide you with high-quality products that meet the safety standards. Though affordability is a prime factor to consider, never compromise on the quality of a product to save on your purchase, as this can impact your project adversely.

Thus, while choosing your PCB supplier, make sure it complies with the ITAR, IPC or ISO standards and offers superior grade products, timely delivery, and commendable engineering support service at an affordable price.

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