Penthouses: A Statement of Class; Here?s more on why People invest in them

Posted by Vinay Kumar Singh on November 16th, 2017

Penthouse is basically an apartment with a private terrace and is located on the highest floor of a building. These plush apartments offer a 360 degree view of the city below along with many other unique facilities that may not ideally be available in general luxury homes. Penthouses may have two or more levels and offer a range of facilities which include:

1. Private entrance
2. Swimming pool
3. Office space
4. Spacious rooms
5. High quality fixtures
6. Attractive interiors that also include walls and flooring
7. Private elevators and terrace

Benefits of staying in a Penthouse

1. Since penthouses are located on the roof top you can expect to get a lot of natural light and air which will keep you feeling fresh and energetic all day long.
2. Owning a penthouse is definitely a matter of pride as they really don’t come as cheap. As such, owning one reflects the affluent lifestyle as well as the social and financial standing of the residents; something that gives a sense of fulfillment to many people.
3. As penthouses are located within the heart of the city, just as the as Penthouses in Sector 85 Mohali, they offer easy access to schools, colleges, hotels, shopping centers and restaurants.
4. Penthouses are ideal for those who want to enjoy privacy as these apartments come with individual swimming pool, elevator and even terrace.

Apart from all these, living in a penthouse also allows the residents to enjoy the comforts and benefits of living in a separate bungalow minus the troubles that such single properties come with. For instance, in case of an independent bungalow, any maintenance related work needs to be taken care of by the resident but when you are living in a penthouse within an apartment complex the housing society will take care of all these things.

Penthouses certainly fall in the category of premium offerings of a realtor and as such are priced quite on the higher side. As such, before you invest in a penthouse you must check the following things to realize your investment:

1. It should offer great views
2. It should be strategically located in the heart of the city
3. It should have outdoor entertainment areas and a generous open-plan living.
4. It should have multiple car parking spaces for residents and visitors alike

Prices of the penthouse

The price of the penthouse may vary significantly from one place to another depending upon the city as well as the location of the penthouse. Also the rates of such properties may differ depending on the amenities that they offer.

When it comes to the resale value of the penthouse, it can vary depending on the age and condition of the property as well as the market price prevailing in the area. In case the property is maintained well and the current market price prevails then the resale value can be expected to go above 7 to 10% of the original value.

Therefore, you should consider all the above mentioned things and do your homework well before yo invest on a penthouse of your choice in a metro or Tier II or III city.

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