The working mode of moulding powder

Posted by annesheldon on November 16th, 2017

Moulding powder forms ”three layers”?in the crystallizer, powder layer, sintered layer and slag layer. This working mode is the key to play the role of moulding powder.

The casting powder (1100~1200℃ melting point) on the surface of the molten steel (1500℃), heated by the molten steel and forms slag layer with 10-15mm thickness on the surface of molten steel. With the heat transfer slowed down, the moulding powder above slag layer sintered, forms sintered layer (900-600℃). And the casting powder above the sintered layer will gets fewer heat transfer, less than 500℃, so this is the powder layer. And the moulding powder covers in the molten steel surface evenly, to prevent cooling and secondary oxidation of molten steel.

During casting, the slag film between crystallizer and solidified slab shell could reduce the casting resistance and improve the heat transfer of crystallizer. As casting going , the slag layer is consumed constantly, then sintered layer becomes slag layer, powder layer becomes sintered layer, and adds more moulding powder into the crystallizer, makes the moulding powder keeps “three layers”.

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