5 Easy Going Tips To Maintain Your Aquarium

Posted by Barry allen on November 16th, 2017

Freshwater fishkeeping is the most prevailing hobby these days. It really seems amazing to see colorful fish swimming in the water inside the glass vessel but it needs good maintenance practices to keep the aquarium water fresh so as to ensure a healthy environment for fish dwelling in the aquarium. Aquarium maintenance practices are required to be executed with proper care which will further lead to a flushed aquatic environment to fish and years of delight for the hobbyist.

Ensure the stability of your tank

The tank is the foremost part of the aquarium and it must be given the primary attention when thinking of your aquarium maintenance. You should check the aquarium’s walls if there is any crack. You must ensure the cleanliness of the walls and base of the aquarium.

Make sure that aquarium water is fresh

Water is even more important than the fish tank when you have to discuss most vital things of an aquarium. 15 to 20 percent of water must be changed at least twice or thrice in a month. Besides, you must use Algone water clarifier and nitrate remover to reduce the acidity of water.

Keep the pH value balanced

The pH value of the aquarium water should never be imbalanced. The freshwater fish thrive for pH range from 6.5–7.5, depending on the particular species of the fish. There are various traditional methods which may help you maintain the acidity of water.

Keep the aquarium water oxygenated

This is the most important concern which you must be extremely cautious about. You must make sure that the water of the aquarium is oxygenated. In the lack of oxygen, fish in the aquarium will not be able to survive. In order to make the water oxygenated, you can follow the procedure given below:

  1. Take any clean vessel, bowl or cup; fill the cup with aquarium water.
  2. Take the cup above the aquarium, hold it and pour the water into the aquarium from there.
  3. Do the process repeatedly 15 or 20 times. This will increase the amount of oxygen in the aquarium water. You should do this twice or thrice a week.

Keep your eye on fish when feeding

This is the key part which is mostly overlooked. The hobbyist, who love to have an aquarium in their home, must keep their eyes on fish when feeding them. Unhealthy fishes are reluctant of being fed and if anything happens like this, you should take notice of this at once.

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