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2017 Black Friday Celebration:450M Free Runescape Gold for Buried Treasure Nov.2

Posted by accolac99 on November 16th, 2017

It’s time to dig for the Treasure Chest again and find great rewards! From 00:00 game time on the 15th November through to 23:59 on the 20th November, you can scoop up some Buried Treasure and runescape gold for sale on Treasure Hunter. During the period, your Treasure Hunter interface will be transformed into a grid-based map, and you'll open chests by clicking on squares within it.

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Each square contains at least a normal chest, but 6 per grid will contain a special chest, containing a trove of 4 or 5 prizes.come in four types, which can contain different types of items and the amount left to find on your grid will be displayed at the side of the interface.

Note that the antique chest will always contain at least one piece of these two outfits, unless you already own both – in which case it will contain rare tokens. There's also a chance that any of these above chest types will contain a special prize: a Treasure Chest rest animation, a held Treasure Map item, or a much rarer chance to get a lucky item (including retired ones).

Here's what each chest type may contain: 

Experience Chest

Protean Chest

Skilling Chest

Antique Chest


Protean bars


Gold coins

Lava lanterns

Protean hides

Spirit gems

Pulse cores

Smouldering lamps

Protean traps

Portable packs

Prismatic lamps/stars

Hydra lamps

Protean memories

Dungeoneering tokens

Dragon ceremonial outfit*

Celebration lamps

Protean cogs

Skilling dummy packs

Queen's guard outfit*

Prismatic lamps/stars

Protean planks

Combat dummy packs

Wicked Hood teleports


Protean logs

Pulse cores

D&D tokens


Protean packs (s/m/l)

Silverhawk feathers




Magic notepaper


Buried Treasure is a Treasure Hunter promotion which was originally released in May 2017, and it may not currently be active. During the promotion, the five chests are replaced with a grid of 6 by 6 squares and each square contains a buried chest. There are four types of special chests (Antique chest, Skilling chest, Experience chest, Protean chest.) The amount of chests left to discover are shown at the right side of the interface.

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