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Posted by juliabennet on September 21st, 2011

In considering Perth Web Designers, it is absolutely essential in the time of e-commerce that the businessman have visibility on the internet.  The price of website design is high and getting higher every day.  Costs start at seven hundred fifty pounds and go up from there, depending upon graphics and content.  The seller of his goods should consider a Perth Website Design company whether he has a current site or not.

In previous years, before Perth Website Design, setting up a small business was complicated but doable.  First you had to have a niche, or product base, that would appeal to your customers.  Then you had to find an affordable building, one that would lure the customers in.  You had have fixtures and furniture for your goods.  Then there were licenses and codes to obtain approval for.   Once the public got inside your new store, you had to hope and pray that your goods were well-liked enough to pay your overhead and make a nice profit, because you had to feed your own family as well.

But that was the major problem with the old style brick and mortar stores until Perth Web Designers.  Your customer base was very limited mainly to the geographical area of your town.  The smaller the town, the more restricted you were, especially if you had a specialized product line.  There have been some instances where the retailer started in a tiny place and expanded into a major player, sometimes throughout the world.  Wal Mart is one example whose founder started out small, as a dry goods salesman, and eventually expanded worldwide.

Now you don’t need a building, as your spare room can be your office. No utilities and most of the time no selling license is required.  Your customers can be in your town or around the world.  Sometimes you don’t need a place to keep inventory as drop shippers can store and ship for you.  You still have to have the business idea and the wherewithal to get started.  You also need one piece of equipment, a modern computer hopefully connected to a high speed internet connection.  From there you also require Perth Website Design so that your customers can shop from you.

If you notice, even Wal Mart has a website.  You may not live anywhere near their stores but you can order the most of their products twenty four hours a day online.  That is the beauty of the World Wide Web.  You can have your Scottish souvenir business at your home in Inverness and somebody in Singapore could want one of your tartan tea pots.  They order the pot at nine in the morning their time and even though you are asleep the order is processed.  You simply ship the next day.  Perth Web Designers can make your business literally explode internationally. Those who think “outside of the box” should consider Perth Web Design which will help them design a website that will make their business grow and make money. 

Perth website design will always strive to make the customer happy and work with them every step of the way. Contact our Perth web designers today, and let’s get started!

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