Choose Your Table Tennis Racket Carefully!

Posted by marryvoges on November 17th, 2017

Are you a table tennis enthusiast? However busy you may be in your career or profession, do you still find time to pursue your passion and nurture your cherished hobby? As a table tennis player would know, this indoor game requires strong mental agility, along with a deft knowledge of the hand movements and techniques that are essential to winning a single or a doubles. But more so, it is the right table tennis racket that does the trick. Wondering how? Here’s the rule!

When thinking of buying a table tennis racket, you will be torn between the different options that you find online, but how do you know which is the right one for you? By taking a hit, of course!

Many of us often confuse between a racket and a blade, and use the two terms interchangeably to refer to the same thing. However, the two terms refer to two different things altogether- in reality, a table tennis paddle or a racket consists of a wooden blade that is covered with table tennis rubber for a smooth throw. A table tennis racket can be of any size, shape or weight, but as far as the gaming rules go, the blade must be flat and rigid and made of at least 85% natural wood.

There are two basic choices available when buying a table tennis racket. You can either buy a readily available racket or opt for a personalized piece and get your own customized racket. Ready-made, pre-assembled (factory assembled) rackets are suitable for those who have recently started playing or for players who occasionally take hold of the bat at social events. Customized rackets (manually assembled), on the other hand, are more suited for those who are playing table tennis regularly and wish to improve their skills. For a more aggressive, control-oriented game that relies heavily on spin, customized rackets come in very handy.

Factory assembled rackets are cheaper and available in a wide range of options at online stores as well as retail outlets. Manually assembled paddles are more expensive and are made of more resilient wood. These are customized as well, which means you can manually change the rubber if you feel that it’s drying out or coming out in peels. By purchasing the blade and rubber separately, you gain a lot of control over the specifications and details of your racket. If you purchase a blade and rubber together, you may actually find it difficult to rubber-blade combination later in case you need to change any one of the two. This will, in fact, hamper your playing style. Hence, it’s always important to keep your game in mind before opting for a new pair.

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