Frederick Hart Sculpture ? The Presentation Of Something Higher Than Itself

Posted by Mark Peter on November 17th, 2017

“My work isn’t art for art’s sake, it’s about life. I have no patience with obscure or unintelligible art – I want to be understood.” ~ Frederick Hart

Art has its own role in our lives. No matter what phase of life we are going through, a look at a beautiful painting or a lively sculpture makes us forget about all the problems. We just feel connected with the imaginary world created by the artist as it has been made keeping us in mind. Every individual depicts art in his or her own way. Apart from adding beauty and colors, this is one of the reasons why people love to own the art pieces created by the illustrious artists. One such prominent name in the field of arts is Frederick Hart – an American sculptor, best known for his “Three Soldiers” statue at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Best known for his public monuments, American sculptor Fredrick Hart maintained an intensely representational practice throughout the height of abstract and conceptual art. Apart from using traditional materials like bronze and marble, he pioneered the use of clear acrylic resin to create figurative sculptures by ingraining one clear sculpture within another, the process which he patented.

Born in 1943 in Atlanta, Frederick Hart had mastered the idea of pulling figures from stone through his years as a stone carver and later as the master sculptor of the imperative The Creation Sculptures at Washington National Cathedral. According to Frederick Hart, the sculpture is defined purely by light. It’s light from which forms move in an out. It’s light that defined the very delicate sense of image. I can capitalize on the very watery, warm, flowing qualities of the material itself and compound them into images that are suggestive of dreams, memories and visions.

The famous works of Frederick Hart includes Daughters of Odessa Trilogy, Songs of Grace, Destiny, Metamorphosis, The Angel, and Equus. So, if you are also an art enthusiast and want to enhance your collection with the amazing sculptures, then look out for Frederick Hart sculpture for sale available in the market. There are a number of art galleries from where you can buy the authentic sculptors at affordable prices. But, before starting your hunt for the sculptures, do a good amount of research to check out all the creations. After all, buying an art is not something which you do at the supermarket. Art is perfect if only you have complete knowledge about it!

Author’s Bio: Author is an online blogger. This article is about the Frederick Hart sculpture for sale.

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