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Posted by Donald Hood on November 17th, 2017

1888 Press Release - The revolutionary crowdsourced commuter alternative is now serving Northern California, with nearly three-dozen new routes expected in 2018.

San Francisco, CA - There’s a new way to commute in Northern California, one that allows professionals to stay plugged in and working while riding in comfort and style.

OurBus, which offers crowd-sourced bus service, has expanded to the West Coast with a new commuter route from Pleasanton, CA to San Francisco that takes less than an hour and costs less than roundtrip.

Founded in 2016, OurBus is the brainchild of Narinder Singh. The technology company provides a revolutionary alternative to the traditional work commute by eliminating the hassles that have frustrated travelers for decades.

With commuter and intercity routes now available in five states, including California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington, D.C., OurBus is rewriting the rules of transit and changing the way professionals travel to and from work.

The company already has received more than .25 million in funding, and plans to add 35 new routes across the United States in 2018.

Each charter bus that partners with OurBus is equipped with smart device charging stations at every seat, free WiFi, free water, clean bathrooms and plush, reclining seats.

What’s the catch? Each new route added by OurBus, whether a long-distance intercity or shorter suburb-to-city route, is recommended and voted on by the people who use the service. If a route proposed by a customer receives at least 100 votes, that route is then launched for that region.

The more people who get on OurBus, the more places it can and will travel.

Singh saw a need for underserved commuter hubs outside of major metropolitan destinations, and his logistics and technology background provided a perfect solution.

“We’ve exchanged the cramped confines of a morning carpool, as well as long lines and uncertain wait times for a commuter train, with a tech-friendly, comfortable environment where passengers can relax, recharge and work while traveling,” Singh said. “Our buses pick people up close to where they live and drop them off within a short walk from work.”

OurBus utilizes cutting-edge technology, coupled with a customer-centric approach, to eliminate the guesswork that has long plagued work commutes.

OurBus uses a free app available through Apple or Google Play that allows users to buy tickets with a credit or debit card, and track in real-time on their smart devices where their bus is and when it will arrive.

The app also provides drivers with the ability to see where customers have purchased tickets and where they plan to board and depart the bus. This allows drivers to adjust their route, if necessary, when faced with an unexpected traffic delay, without inconveniencing riders or slowing down their expected arrival time.

“We’ve put the power directly in the hands of commuters,” Singh said. “And we’ve eliminated common issues that for years stymied many commuters, whether it’s missing a bus because it arrived early or having to stand out in the cold or rain waiting for a bus that’s been delayed.”

OurBus is perfect both for professionals who must travel daily to and from work, and for leisure travelers who simply want to explore a new city or region.

To date, OurBus has ferried more than 40,000 passengers and traveled more than 4 million miles, whether serving commuter hubs in Kendall Park, NJ, Livingston/West Orange, NJ and Pleasanton, CA, or providing flexible intercity travel between New York, Maryland and Washington, DC.

OurBus also offers corporate packages for companies with many employees traveling to and from the same locations. By connecting corporate office campuses with major metropolitan destinations, employees can work together during the commute, increasing productivity and maximizing efficiency.

And the company consistently rewards loyal commuters with incentives, whether taking 30% off the cost when a passenger books a roundtrip ticket, or giving daily commuters a free ticket when they purchase three tickets at once.

For an updated list of routes and schedules, or to create an account and get on the bus, go to https://www.ourbus.com/.

About OurBus
Founded in 2016, OurBus is a technology company that specializes in crowd sourced bus routes, offering a revolutionary public transportation alternative for commuters. We provide an affordable, mobile app-based service that gives people a say in when, where and how they commute. OurBus also offers intercity routes for leisure travelers. Based in New York City, OurBus is dedicated to empowering commuters and travelers.

For more information, visit us at https://www.ourbus.com/.

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