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Posted by richiebryant on November 17th, 2017

So you have finally decided to learn to play guitar. Have you thought about learning online or are you going for face to face lessons?  There are lots of great online courses, webinars and you tube videos out there – and many of them are free – but there is no substitute for personal one on one guitar lessons at Rock Scholars. A set of videos cannot give you same personal advice as a private tutor, based on the observation of your playing by a seasoned professional guitar player who can teach you exactly what you want to learn, at your own pace.

You can sit down with your teacher during your lesson and tell him or her how you want to progress with the guitar. They can tell you if your ideas are realistic or if you need to rethink your ambitions. Together you can set your goals, agree a teaching plan, and work towards those goals each week. A good guitar teacher will understand what you want to achieve, and their teaching methods and advice will adapt to your specific needs. They can watch you play and see where you are going wrong and what you need to do to fix it.

With a real guitar player acting as your teacher you can ask questions, focus on the things that really interest you or challenge you, and also learn from their experiences as a musician – after all there is more to being a guitar player than just learning chords and scales. Their stories about songs they’ve written, bands they’ve played in or gigs they have performed in will all help you to grow and develop as a musician and increase your understanding.

And don’t forget, your guitar teacher will still send you home each week with things you can use to continue your practice and learning between lessons, which may include links to online video or other resources that can act as reminders.

The practice you do at home each week is essential if you are going to progress – nobody can learn to play an instrument in 30 minutes or an hour each week, no matter how good the teacher or how well structured your guitar lessons. The secret to learning is repetition – this means you should practice each day between your lessons, for at least 20 – 30 minutes. There are ways to make this easy for yourself and help you get into the habit of regular practice  - here are a few simple tips:

  • don’t keep your guitar in its bag or case when at home, you don’t need to waste time packing or unpacking it every time you practice. Put your guitar in its case when you’re taking it out of the house.
  • leave the guitar somewhere you can see it; every time it catches your eye it will remind you to practice.

  • tune your guitar before every session. An out of tune guitar sounds awful and will discourage you. Tuning your guitar is EASY with an electronic tuner, it should take no more than 30 seconds. Watch professional musicians on stage – they tune up between every song. Tuning is not something we save up for Christmas and birthdays.
  • Warm up. Successful guitar playing requires good hand-eye co-ordination, it also needs your fingers to do some pretty tricky stuff. Ask your teacher to give you some good warm up exercises, and do these for the first five minutes of every session.
  • Use a metronome. Playing in time is crucial to making good music, and when we are learning new things it is tempting to slow down for the hard bits and speed up for the easy bits. Set your metronome at a slow pace until you can play your song or exercise all the way through at the same speed, then crank it up a notch. Every time we can play the part at the new tempo, let’s turn it up again. This is the fastest way to learn how to play quickly.
  • Make notes. Things you are struggling with, things you enjoy, things you’d like to understand more or better. When you think of them write them down so you don’t forget to talk to your teacher about them.
  • Have fun. If you’re not enjoying it you might as well take up the clarinet.

Ready to start playing the guitar? Contact Rock Scholars today to enquire about Perth guitar lessons and we will find you the perfect tutor and set you off on the road to greatness.

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