Different types of Thai equipments and protective materials available

Posted by Lessa Martin on November 17th, 2017

The sportsmen or athletes are exposed to different types of dangers. The boxers or wrestlers experience different types of injuries while playing. So, they should be protected from any type of danger before playing. Different types of equipment are available for the sportsmen to play safely. Different types of products are available with the dealer that is meant for protecting the players. The different categories of products available with the players are boxing gloves, head guards, shin guards, accessories and shorts.

Boxing gloves

Gloves are used by the players for protecting themselves while boxing. They are available in different brands. They are available in various colors and are designed in different ways. Some are applied to the hands, while some are applied to the belly. Some are used as ankle guards also. The belly pads are usually made of resin, whereas most of the ankle pads are made of cloth material. Different types of boxing gloves are also available that are applied to the hands and they are made of resin material. The players wear boxing head guard when they play so that they do not experience scalpel injury.

Shin guards

Different types of shin guards are also available. The shin guards are used for protecting the feet. Players such as cricket players, baseball players, and basket ball players should use shin guard to protect their feet. The players usually experience feet injuries and hence shin guards are used to prevent such injuries.

Head guard

The head guards are the form of helmets that are used for protecting the head while playing. They are available in various colors. Some head guards are meant for professional use, whereas some are used as chin bars.


Clothes are also available with the dealer for playing different sports. The different types of shorts available are Muay shorts, fit special sports and MMA shorts. The shorts are available in different colors and materials. Most of them are made of pure cotton. Some are loose, while some are fit for the body. Even MMA shorts are also available.

Training materials

Different types of training materials and equipment are available with the dealer including the Muay Thai equipment is also available. The different types of training materials available are body protectors, focus mitts, Thai pads, kick shields, and heavy bags. They are required for carrying them when they are travelling and they are required at any point of time.


The different types of Muay Thai accessories available are key rings, hand wraps, ankle guards, T-shirts, sports bags etc.

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