EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Review

Posted by syed on November 18th, 2017

EPIKGO Hoverboard Review

This new revolutionary form of transport can take you across any terrain at a speed of 12.1 mph. It'll take you up to 12 miles on a single charge with its 8.5" wheels each one with a 400-watt motor that can scale an 18 percent degree hill without any obstacle. The raw power adds exceptional balance capabilities and the robust innovative and smartly-designed case can be tossed around without a mark.

epikgo self balancing scooter

The EPIKGO has received the highest possible standard in terms of safety after effortlessly becoming UL 2272 Certified; guaranteeing users that fire and electrical hazards are not an issue. In addition to being less hazardous, EPIKGO stands apart as its sturdy build helps it take on practically any hindrance in its way. Travel through grass, mud, dirt, and sand using this innovative device designed to go anywhere and accomplish more.

Best Features

The EPIKGO Self Balancing Board is really a powerful board owing to its features. Most of the brands offer a number of features same as this product, but slightly different in the design. The company guarantees that the board is safe and is practically indestructible. Here are a few key features that make this self-balancing board stand out.

400W Motors:

The 400W double motors employed by EPIKGO are powerful and this is the major reason behind the capability to ride over rough surfaces without losing the balance. One can possibly climb slopes that are as high as 18 degrees with absolutely no stress. The motors are 80% stronger and more effective than other boards in the market.

The charge can last over 1 hr at 10 mph speed which makes it one of the most potent and quickest balance boards available in the market.

Alloy Wheels:

The way the wheels work in EPIKGO is fascinating and completely different. As a substitute for electric motors set inside the wheels, strong brushless motors are set inside the body of the hoverboard. This contributes to making even more powerful motors. The tires are manufactured from solid rubber and have been rated IP56 for its durability and water resistance.

The blend of alloy wheels with rubber tires allows for the convenient ride through grass, mud and other rough surfaces.


The highest speed of the EPIKGO Hoverboard is 10-12mph. This speed is possible on a single charge. You can travel quickly to your desired destination without compromising on the safety and style quotient.


The dimension of the product is 30% bigger than all the other competitive products in the industry. The bigger size of the product implies that there is more foot space, a lot more balance and stableness, and more control. The size of the product is also owing to the powerful motor which is placed inside the body of the hoverboard.

LG Smart Battery:

EPIKGO has designed a fast-charging technology that enables the user to use it for 10-12 miles with a 2-hour charge. This is really remarkable. Since the battery is an LG smart battery, the Hoverboard battery replacement must be done with the same brand in order to obtain the same performance.


There are two sets of bright lighting in the front. They are extremely helpful at night time. In addition, there are two sets at the back which are rear turn signal lights.

Besides all the above features, it has an internal fast charging technology. This feature makes it high end. The company offers a 1-year limited warranty that takes care of parts and labor.

The general experience with EPIKGO Hoverboard is incredibly great. But there are a couple of downsides to it though not major.

The EPIKGO self-balance board is somewhat heavy to carry. So, one has to ensure that there is sufficient charge left to ride it back home. Otherwise, taking this huge board is obviously going to be an issue. But it is definitely of great use for local use.

The board at times vibrates upon acceleration and it becomes obvious while going up in an inclination of above 10 degrees.


Hoverboards are the hottest in town and those with an eye for adventure are on a search for a good product. For gadget lovers, EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover is truly one of the safest and best Hover boards out there.

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