Bvlgari Top Italian handmade jewellery to be landed in China

Posted by jewelrybrand on November 18th, 2017

Located in the northern Piedmont region of Italy, Valenca town is familiar with the jewelry industry, as the Italian jewelry industry Center, Valenca has a “jewelry shrine” reputation, is the world’s well-known traditional goldsmith origin. As Valenca’s leading jewellery brand, Bvlgari is renowned worldwide for its superb craftsmanship tradition and “Italian-made” elegance, and the world’s top jewellery brand is now coming into China. The pure gene from Valenca–from 1953 years of Italian goldsmith craft Italian advanced custom jewelry brand where to buy fake bvlgari jewelry, in Valenca after 3 generations of 60 years gestation, not only in the Valenca with exclusive jewelry workshop, regardless of design, open mold, or polishing, inlay, Every aspect of jewelry production is done independently, not the hand of others, it is the true goldsmith spirit. Its tens of thousands of rubber molds have been archived and saved, tens of thousands of pieces of jewelry design drawings and dozens of hand drawings is the three-generation jewelry through the high-end custom brand rare soft assets. These pieces of jewelry not only reflect the evolution of the trend in the long river, but also keep the Bvlgari unique style brand. Bvlgari Family and jewelry, dating back to the beginning of the last century, the founder of bvlgari necklace men imitation Brother’s grandmother has been dabbling in the jewelry industry, two brothers, co-founded the Bvlgari Fratelli this brand, and did not want to, such a small studio from the jewelry brand, After 60 years, the international jewelry market can have a place. In the late 60, the ornate style of jewellery made Bvlgari’s reputation rapidly expand into the exclusive jewel of many of the most influential families of the time.

In the 80 ‘s, the second generation of descendants-a new generation of Bvlgari Brothers in the traditional design style, the addition of innovative elements, while actively transforming the studio into a jewelry brand. With many times in various international jewelry exhibition to get attention to the design of the Bvlgari, uphold the European traditional design process of advanced customization services to the world, by all countries Royal dignitaries, star Idol. Real private customization comes to China–a glimpse of the handmade legend of top bvlgari necklace gold imitation any of the top-notch jewelry from a real natural gem, from the precious stone selection, to pure hand-polished gold ornaments, and then to the design and mosaic of color jewelry, and finally according to the unique understanding of the jewelry and the needs of each guest to tailor, The Italian charm of Bvlgari is not only decorated, but also invites guests to participate in the front of the jewelry design, the aesthetic attitude, jewelry philosophy in advance feedback to the designer to ensure that the final work in the world alone.

Bvlgari, who has now taken a place in the world Jewellery Fair, has once again broken through and boldly innovated, and the third-generation Bvlgari family has decided to come to China with its elegant style and superb skills. When the Chinese and western jewelry culture collide with each other, when the traditional Italian jewelry design style came to the new Oriental market, apennine strong cultural atmosphere and historical accumulation, doomed this Italian jewelry brand will bring us more surprises. bvlgari men necklace imitation to the artistic conductivity of Italian jewelry to the essence of the art of the formal into China, for the domestic jewelry lovers to bring a higher level of experience, so that consumers appreciate the stunning charm of Italian jewelry design, will certainly bring a fresh strength to China’s jewelry industry.

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