Concave Felgen: Provide a unique look compared to other wheel types

Posted by jeenniwill on November 20th, 2017

Wheels can completely change the look of your vehicle. Just look in any car magazine and you will find plenty of ads trying to sell you new wheels. If your wheels are covered in brake dust they can become a complete eyesore and make you vehicle look older than what it really is. The opposite of that is if your wheels are clean and shiny they can really add a positive presence to your vehicle. Keeping your wheels in a clean state is not a hard thing to do if it is done regularly. Wheels are very important to your vehicle and cleaning them nicely is the least gratitude you can show to them. 

Concave wheels provide a unique look compared to other wheel types. The Concave Felgen and their counterfeit three piece construction allows for a number of different sizes, widths and offsets to create the optimum fitment with the weight and strength benefits of the forged manufacturing process. Concave composing however, uses a different raw forging profile which is deeper than a traditional flat profile forging. All three pieces are manufactured using same forging process to create a lightweight structure and high strength that is free from of any microscopic cracks or imperfections. Concave wheels use of traditional 3 piece forged wheels which are in similar construction.

The concave face is fastened to the barrels using a number of perimeter bolts, while the outer and inner barrels are sealed together with a Silicone RTV. With the help of Konkave Felgen you can give your car luxurious look. The concave wheels have changed the wheel game forever and it is become the newest trend in aftermarket wheels worldwide. Replacing the traditional look of the typical lips on wheels, concave wheels gives a car the ultimate depth in looks while.

Center of the wheel takes by concave technology and the bowl effect gives by its dips inwards. If you want to add style statement to your car then you should install Concave wheels to your vehicle. Rather than increase a bigger lip for the back wheel, and a lesser lip for the front. Concave wheels designate the concavity of the rear wheel to distinguish from the front wheel. Many of the Concave manufacturers build many applications to fit all number of vehicles. Historically falter wheels were reserved for Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles. Hence there is a high demand for falter wheels for Front-Wheel Drive Applications, manufacturers have answered the calling.

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