Shale oil: Creating the new oil and gas evolution

Posted by Ainsleyaiken on November 20th, 2017

The Austin chalk revolution has just begun. From the abundance of oil in the oil fields of Texas to the new revolution where the oil is extracted from the naturally occurring shale present within the earth’s surface. With this process we can extract high amounts of good quality oil and natural gas at a fraction of the cost. The process to get this level of extraction is called Fracking. Using the natural porosity of the surface itself, drillers can identify the best pockets where the largest concentration of oil and gas rich shale is located and commence the drilling process to extract the rich natural resources for consumption. The Austin Chalk has been producing a large amount of natural oil and gas since the past fifty years from the deposits located at and near the city itself. Starting from vertical drilling to get the oil pockets just under the surface, it was a huge success in terms of the amount of oil and gas obtained. Afte the success of vertical drills, they started Horizontal Drilling to tap into the resources that were beyond the reach of the vertical drills. Using the new technique of Horizontal Drilling the production of the Austin Chalk increased by a large margin and the efficiency and effectiveness of the drilling also contributed to the largest amounts of oil and gas extracted.  With the fracking revolution well under way, Wildhorse Resources a top tier energy company got the reins to get the drilling well into production and getting the most amount of resources for the least effort in terms of manpower and effort required to get these resources extracted and into the hands of the energy industry. With many successive waves of innovation in their belts they are poised to ring about a new paradigm in the extraction of oil and natural gas resources to be used in the production of cheap and effective energy for the populace to use.

In the race to be the best at not only the extraction of this energy rich resource but to make it a cost effective and viable process, the fracking processes are given a high level of priority so that the extraction is done in the best way possible so that the maximum amount of fuel resource is taken from the bowels of the earth for our benefits.

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