4 Things any Growth Marketer can learn from Tinder

Posted by Unlimited Exposure Online on November 21st, 2017

Tinder is the #1 dating app in North America right now, generating impressive growth since it was first launched in 2012. As of 2017 data, there are more than 1.6 billion swipes every day on Tinder. There’s a lot to be learnt for how Tinder has come to dominate this space.

 Building a strong product

 Growth hacking sites that are successful are usually successful because, among other reasons, they offer an excellent product. In Tinder’s case, the goal during app development was to help users seek out romantic pleasures while avoiding rejection and pain that is typically associated with in-person romantic requests. Remember, consumer behaviour is always driven by emotions. Approach anxiety is a very real phenomenon and it prevents some people from approaching someone they find attractive to see if that person feels the same way. Tinder eliminates the risk and provides only reward.

 Instant Gratification-based user experience

 Traditional dating sites have long required a person to fill out catalogues of information and enter in paragraphs of a profile in order to find potential partners. Tinder does not do the same. Tinder requires nothing more than a few pictures and makes participation easy.

 If Tinder was difficult to sign up for or use, even if you were really excited about the app before, you’re less likely to use it after. Also, it’s image-friendly and specifically tailored to mobile devices. This, again, creates an easy, fun, optimized environment for any new or existing user to jump into.

 Two sides providing each other with benefits

 AirBnB succeeded because there were enough hosts and guests to satisfy each’s interests. PayPal succeeded because there were users willing to exchange money via this method. In this vein, Tinder succeeded because there were enough men and women interested to create a significant user base for this to work.

 Presentations to relevant audiences

 Part of Tinder’s success has to do with one of its earliest marketing campaigns which involved giving group presentations in front of sorority houses. At the end of the presentation, girls were encouraged to sign up. Immediately after this, a second presentation would be given to a corresponding fraternity and the guys there were encouraged to sign up. As this repeated, single students in close proximity were the ones who initially supported the application.

 In essence, Tinder provides rewards with no risk, benefits from social pressure to join, is easy to sign up for and use, and knows its intended audience. Though not every company can be as successful as Tinder, these are lessons that any entrepreneur or growth marketer can learn from.

 Deriving growth from marketing, think about the applications like Tinder that you may use on your phone. Identify what makes you keep coming back. People use news aggregators such as Google News, weather apps, social media, games, email, and all sorts of products on their phone. By learning from what makes a company like Tinder successful, apply these to your own marketing strategy.

 Growth marketing is about maximizing growth and heightening customer engagement. Structuring your brand’s marketing to accurately reflect the interests of your intended consumers, much like Tinder has, you can win big.

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